Day 356–Hello 2012

I will be the first to admit that I was a bum last night and went to bed before midnight.  I did make it to the ball dropping in NYC, but everyone else was asleep and sitting around for an hour just to say I was awake didn’t make much sense to me.  Huzzah for being old.

If I can eat like I ate today for every day of 2012, I will lose a ton of weight.  Portions were under control, I’m not sure a single meal went over the calorie limit, and with snacks and whatnot I was perfectly on track.  I didn’t, unfortunately, exercise.** In fact, I did the opposite and played Zelda for a few hours.  Should have seen that coming…oh well.  I got burned out pretty quickly on the game (confusing level…brain hurts) so I’ll be free to workout for the next few days while my brain cells recover.

Oh yeah…and how ’bout them Cowboys?

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon Oat Revolution oatmeal.  I tried one of their other flavors, with “no sugar added!” but what they didn’t tell me was that they loaded it with sucralose instead, then added salt to try to mask the funky sucralose flavor.  One bite, then in the trash.  The Apple Cinnamon was MUCH better.

Lunch–Flatbread sandwich with buffalo chicken and lettuce and some pita chips.  I also got hungry and had some of my mom’s gingerbread cookies…sooooo good.

Snack–Fiber One bar FTW!

Dinner–A slab of ham, black eyed peas (because its New Years, although I think the tradition is for NYE…), cinnamon apples (just to bring the day full circle), and a salad.  Great meal.

Snack–A Fluffer-Nutter sandwich.  Marshmallow creme and peanut butter on whole what bread, and the bread only had 60 calories a slice!  A really solid 350 cal snack…going in the repertoire because its sweet, filling, and has some protein in it too. Tomorrow we’re buying scrubs, end tables, and potentially hitting up Ikea. Being old is a full-time job.

**Since tomorrow is the day before the weigh in, I hope to hit it hard and burn off some major calories.  I’d call it a Last Chance Workout, but I think that moniker is taken.


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