Day 354–Resolutions Are For Sissies

Yeah, so about those resolutions…whoops.

Today was really REALLY bad.  Jenna and Seth went back to Memphis, and I either celebrated or mourned with food; I can’t tell.  In all seriousness, I will miss them.  I’m very glad that this time it’s only three and a half months until we see them again instead of nine…nine was too long. We also got to see Karla and Kathy today, spent some time shopping at Watters Creek, picked up some furniture for the new house, and I might have inadvertently gotten a job. Pretty solid, eh?

Breakfast–Pancakes!  Two little (4-5 inch) chocolate chip pancakes and two strips of bacon.  I also may or may not have gotten some chocolate on my bacon intentionally, and I can totally see why people think that’s a viable dessert combination. Still not as good as maple and bacon though.

Lunch–Pei Wei.  Mandarin Kung Pao chicken with brown rice and some extra vegetables.  I ate the whole thing, which was a mistake and I think a byproduct of having protein instead of all vegetables.  I need to stop doing that and order the veggie explosion from here on, because the fiber fills me up and I only eat half of it. Like I said, today was a disaster.

Snack–And here’s where it really goes downhill.  Karla came down to visit, and Kathy came up to visit, so we went to Bonnie Ruth’s to have some cake and visit.  Unfortunately, everyone wanted different cake so we ended up with about a whole cake, plus the chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream frosting that I ate. Just a mess…I’ve never been repulsed by sweets before, but I was so full of sugar that looking at the leftover cake actually made me disgusted. I’d like to never do that again, thankyouverymuch. Anyways, when we checked out they mentioned that they make everything in-house and that they needed some help, and wouldn’t you know but that I love to bake…boom.  So I might have a job in a week or two. Huzzah!

Dinner–Snuffers’ spicy chicken strips and fries.  I ended up walking home from Watters’ Creek because I don’t have the shopping gene, so I actually burned a few calories and got some exercise to help alleviate the cake coma, and then promptly had fried chicken afterwards.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with me today, but its a mess.

Happy New Years’ Eve Eve people…celebrate safely tomorrow. Peace.


One thought on “Day 354–Resolutions Are For Sissies

  1. Nothing wrong. You got to see your wife’s cousin whom you see once a year and you had maybe a bit too much sugar and weren’t the only one suffering! haha. Hope the job works out!

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