Day 353–New Years’ Resolutions

The horrible thing about writing a blog is that when you make bold proclamations and resolutions, lots of people can read them and hold you accountable. The great thing about writing a blog is that when you make bold proclamations and resolutions, lots of people can read them and hold you accountable. So I call on you, dear reader(s), to keep me on track for the ridiculousness that’s about to spew forth from my mind.

1) Be 215 lbs by my birthday (mid February).  I’m at 229 now, give or take a pound (I weighed in before I left for Abilene, but I had to do it fully dressed AND forgot to blog about it yesterday. Double fail.) so that means ~14 pounds in 7 weeks. Not impossible, but it’ll require some work and dedication. And no more holidays.

2) Be 210 or under by the time we go to Disney World in mid-April. Walking around in humid Florida would be so nice if I was less fat. It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed WDW without being coated in sweat.

3) Get at least one A in my two online classes this semester.  Both of them should be pretty difficult, but I hope I can do well.  I’m close to the finish line on my degree, so finishing strong is a high priority.

4) Start experimenting more with my cooking.  There are things that I see used all the time that scare me a bit, and so I’ve never used them.  Curry powders, fish sauce, some different cuts of meat/butchering…if I’m going to do this, I want to do it right. No time to be afraid…if it sucks, it sucks. The world won’t end; there’s always peanut butter.

5) Spend more time cooking with other people.  I’ve got so many great resources around me in family and friends, and the new kitchen is so “group-cooking friendly,” that it seems foolish to not use it to my/our advantage.  Great way to build community and learn a lot.

That seems like a good start…I’ll add some more as we go on. I’m almost to my one year weight loss anniversary too, so I’m sure I’ll do something weird for that too.

Breakfast–A bowl of my Cheerio mixture.  It’s fun to get some Multigrain-Honey-Nut-Apple-Cinnamon goodness in one bite.

Lunch–An omelette of poblano, onion, carrot, and leftover Perini tenderloin.  I threw a little Sriracha in the eggs (two of them) and it was all DELICIOUS.  Sriracha in the eggs. Do it. You’ll thank me later.

Snack–I had “coffee” with Kyle Stallard, and by “coffee” I mean Kyle took a couple of detours getting there so I indulged in the Marble Slab next door.  It’s been a rough month…ice cream was needed. Small Chocolate Swiss with a Reese’s PB Cup mixed in…wonderful, and according to MyFitnessPal, only 250 calories.  When Kyle did arrive, I got a Clementine Izze.  I always go get “coffee” with people, but I don’t like coffee. It’s a paradox.

Dinner–Blue Goose, one more time before Jenna and Seth go feed Biggs finally.  I had a half pound order of beef fajitas with grilled green peppers added.  I only used two tortillas and then ate the rest of it with my fork to cut down the carbs.  It was really good, although the tamales are better.  Sacrifices are part of the deal.

No exercise today…I’m exhausted, and my knees are beat up.  They’ve had a large man pounding on them for the last couple of weeks, so I’ll give them a break.  Tomorrow though I say hello to the treadmill again.  Here’s to being resolute!


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