Day 352–Christmas in Abilene

This afternoon we got back from our whirlwind tour of Abilene for Christmas with the family, which is why I didn’t blog last night or the night before that.  Last night we were in Buffalo Gap (if you don’t know, look it up) and the night before we went to bed early because we had to get up early to get to West Texas. It was a phenomenal trip though…got to see lots of people, got to enjoy an amazing home-cooked meal from Nancy, and got to see Gram on a couple of good days, which was good for the soul (and I hope good for her). I got some great cookbooks, a new CrockPot (because our other one died), and we got a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake from Amanda and Jamie.  That’s going to be a source of temptation…delicious, delicious temptation.

I also ate my body weight in incredible food the last two days…homemade tamales, Los Arcos, pecan pie, chocolate pecan pie, cinnamon sweet rolls, etc.  Going to be some workouts in the future.

Breakfast–The aforementioned cinnamon sweet rolls. Nancy has an amazing sweet roll recipe and she was kind enough to have it going when we arrived, meaning breakfast today was extraordinary.  I did exercise restraint though…only ate two.

Lunch–Cousin Lunch at Los Arcos, so fajitas and some of their salsa and chips.  The homemade salsa was extra fiery today…someone had a bad holiday or wasn’t paying attention with the peppers or something. It was all great though, and an added bonus of running into Isaac Bray and Dustin Johnson at lunch, along with Dustin’s beautiful new bride Kayla.  I miss those kids…good times on mountains.

Dinner–A large Kowloon salad from Bakers Bros.  I really wanted a tuna sandwich, but the choice was 780 calories or 450 calories, and with everything else I’ve eaten today I needed to be a bit more judicious in my choices. So I did.  It was a good salad though…almonds, mandarin oranges, chicken, those crunchy noodle things. I approve.

Exercise–A quick jaunt on the elliptical while watching Texas try to not suck.  It’s a challenge sometimes. I could rant about some questionable coaching decisions, but that’s not really what this space is for now, is it?

Tomorrow is our last full day of Seth and Jenna time…everybody be sad.


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