Day 349–Christmas!

As if there was another acceptable title for this one. Duh.

Santa was good to us this year, with a juicer, a Wii game (Zelda…ooooooooohhhhh), and some mise en place bowls from Jenna.  The juicer will help us with some health stuff (I hope) and we tried it out this afternoon–WOW.  Even something as simple as a Granny Smith creates some amazing apple juice, and that’s before I start contemplating adding things for health or flavor reasons.  Like watermelon-lime…mmmm.  And the good news is that we avoid the added sugars from supermarket versions.  Should be a win/win as long as I keep using it and it doesn’t just collect dust.  The Zelda game looks like it’ll be pretty awesome when I get further into it…lots of story-building that can be a bit tedious. I like the Wii Motion Plus concept though, even if the Kinect makes it look a bit shoddy. And the mise en place bowls will help with recipes (especially baking) and help keep things clean and organized.  A pretty great holiday, if I do say so myself.

Breakfast–Holiday tradition: Mom’s homemade cinnamon rolls.  I ate too many, but when it’s been since last Christmas that I’ve had them, I feel okay about the splurge.

Lunch–Christmas lunch!  Apple juice-brined turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, cornbread dressing…wonderful.  Between the excellent meal and the fantastic gifts, it made me aware of just how blessed I am.  I really look forward to being in a position where stability lets me give more back to the community.  If you haven’t spared a thought and a prayer (or hopefully something more if you’re able) for those in need, now’s the time.

Exercise–Yesterday we had Christmas with the Moores, and it was a bit of a gut-buster along with all the fun.  Barbecue, pie, ice cream…lots of calories.  But we got to see Pa and Katy and it really was a great trip. So I ran/walked today and for the first time, I ran more than I walked.  Again, small victories, but for me that’s huge.  Went about a mile and a half…good holiday workout.

Dinner–Leftovers, as if there was another option.  Turkey, leftover sweet potato ravioli, dressing and green beans. Afterwards we indulged in some more Christmas presents…The Help and Tangled. Like I said–GREAT Christmas.

You’ll notice a glaring omission from the holiday menu: pumpkin pie.  My mom made pumpkin pie, and decreed it the best she’s ever made.  It sits on the counter taunting me. But now I have the small problem of knowing that I’m already slightly over my calories for the day (even with working out) and that pie would be a huge deal-breaker.  So, what’s a weight loser (wait a minute…that doesn’t sound right) to do?

Eat pie. Merry Christmas everyone.


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