Day 347–Apple Bread and Brussel Sprouts

The Christmas season is upon us, and at the Henderson household that means baking.  Even with the dietary restrictions placed upon us (some by choice, some not) we’ve managed to find our way to some fantastic delicacies.  The chocolate cookies from yesterday are gone, but they’ve been replaced with my Mom’s amazing homemade gingerbread cookies (and by proxy, the dough…songs should be written about that dough) and some apple cinnamon bread.  I took the carrot-almond bread and changed the recipe around to make it into an apple-cinnamon walnut bread instead, complete with cinnamon chips for some extra fun.  The cookies are a part of my childhood and therefore will never be surpassed, but the bread is pretty phenomenal as well.  Breakfast will be fun for the next couple of days!

Breakfast–Two double fiber English muffins with my black raspberry jalapeno jelly and a couple of thick pieces of ham.  Great breakfast and great fuel for a workout.

Exercise–More running/walking.  This time I reached the rarely-attainable level of sprinting, because usually I’m fat and slow.  It wasn’t much of a sprint, but it did happen.  That seems like a win to me.

Lunch–Buffalo chicken sandwich on flatbread with some of my new strawberry balsamic vinegar…such a great sandwich.  I also got some Pink Lady apples at the grocery store which made for a great side.

Snack–Two of the gingerbread cookies and a half a piece of the apple-cinnamon bread.  Would have eaten more but I knew dinner was going to be quite the gut-buster. And I was right.

Dinner–We went to Mignon to celebrate the new house, and celebrate we did.  I had a roasted quail salad that was salad greens, raspberry-champagne vinaigrette, pear slices, “mixed berries,” and “filberts.”  I said those in quotes because it was literally one raspberry, one blackberry, and two pieces of filberts.  I then had the biggest pork chop I’ve ever seen with a cherry sauce, roasted brussel sprouts, bacon pieces and roasted potatoes.  One of the better meals I’ve had in a while, and even though I can’t say I’m just in love with brussel sprouts, I do like them with bacon and potato.

Dessert–A cinnamon-white chocolate creme brulee.  It was just as great as it sounds.

Tomorrow we head to Canton for some Christmas festivities, then the Cowboys/Eagles, and then IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!!


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