Day 346–Oil & Vinegar

Well…we have a new house. Such a weird prospect…the last twenty years of my life have been in one place and now we embark on a new adventure.  I’m sure there will continue to be some psychological issues associated with moving, but for now I’m pretty excited about it all.  What I really want is to have a house of my own, but that will come. Hopefully.

I probably made a diet boo-boo today and make some chocolate crinkle cookies, but they’re SO GOOD.  They looked good in the picture, the recipe was different than the usual “cream butter and sugar, add egg, add dry, bake” so it was something different to try, and the final product was delicious.  I’m pretty sure there is enough calorie-disaster going on in one cookie to single-handedly destroy my day, but that didn’t stop me from eating like 3. Fail.

Breakfast–Oatmeal with a banana and a teaspoon of peanut butter.  It was pretty good, but the oatmeal (cooked according to directions on the packaging) was really watery and that diluted the peanut butter so by the time I got to the end, it was inedible. Blech.

Exercise–Twenty minutes of walking and running on an incline.  I just wasn’t feeling it today, so it was more of a chore than usual, but I was able to knock it out.  If I run tomorrow I hope it’ll be a better feeling.

Lunch–We went to Bonnie Ruth’s in Watters Creek near the new house, where I had a wonderful plate of Steak Frites.  Perfectly cooked tenderloin, crunchy fries, and a side salad with a great shallot vinaigrette.  More importantly, for me at least, after this amazing meal I was able to stop by Oil & Vinegar, a shop in Watters Creek devoted solely to (you guessed it) oils and vinegars.  I used a Groupon and ended up with Raspberry, Strawberry, and Passionfruit balsamic vinegars and they are absolutely fantastic.  Can’t wait to use my new toys.

Snack–A cookie. Duh. Haven’t you been reading?

Dinner–I made my sweet potato ravioli with some ham and sauteed snap peas.  The ravioli had bacon, sage, sweet potato, some ginger, sauteed garlic, and salt and pepper.  They were excellent, except there was supposed to be some diced Granny Smith apple on the ravioli but we had some sticking issues and I lost track of what was going on and…no apple. Sad day. Guess that means I’ll have to make it again!

Dessert–It’s chocolate and rhymes with Snooki.

Bring on the holidays, and bring on more baking! Hopefully I’ll work on making things a little healthier from here on out…


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