Day 345–Retroactive Weigh-In Day

So…apparently yesterday was Tuesday. All day long. And as you may have read in this very space, Tuesday is supposed to be weigh-in day. And it was…I just forgot to share that particular information with the class.  Whoops.  So here we go…yesterday I clocked in at a solid 230. That means I gained a pound and a half in Houston, which isn’t that surprising since I’m sure the humidity alone caused me to absorb half a pound. It also didn’t help that I ate junk for four days, which means this week is an attempt to undo a bit of a damage. Here we go!

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios and a banana…I know, such variety. I also discovered that, according to MyFitnessPal, that particular meal contains almost my entire day’s worth of sugar. So that’s gotta change quickly.

Exercise–Walked/ran for twenty minutes while watching Angus. Such a great movie.

Snack–Post workout I had a Nature Valley Apple Crisp granola bar. It was crunchy and delicious.

Lunch–Chick Fila nuggets (12 count) and a small fruit cup, but no lemonade this time. Small steps…small steps.

Snack–Two clementines. They’re handy to have around for a healthy snack, but it doesn’t really help much when you “balance” them out with…

Snack #2–FroYo.  I haven’t had FroYo in a while, I had a Groupon gift card, there was a Groupon Now! for FroYo…the stars aligned.  I had chocolate and caramel with chocolate and caramel toppings.  Not healthy, but it was calcium and still better than ice cream would have been, even with the toppings.  And it was DELICIOUS.  And free. So…small steps?

Dinner–Beef and barley stew, made by yours truly.  Beef, pearl barley, carrots, onions, and tomatoes/stock/seasonings thrown in the slow-cooker with love.  Two bowls of stew, two bowls of salad, one happy (and well-fed) boy.

I finished my first book for my online class (438 pages…blech) and started the second (300 pages…much better) this afternoon.  The second one is supposed to be “narrative history” so hopefully it’ll be a better read than the first one was…kind of slogged through that.  Oh, and we close on the new house tomorrow…brave new world for us Hendersons.

And most importantly…Glory glory Man United. 5-0!!


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