Day 344–Jenna’s Here!!

Okay, now its Christmas. Jenna and Seth got here last night!  It’s incredibly weird, because I haven’t seen them since the wedding…I’m not sure I’ve ever gone more than a couple of months without seeing Jen, and it had been over 9 since their nuptials.  Good thing we’ll be seeing them again in April after this.

Houston was a blast, although its still Houston.  It was 72 and so humid it felt like walking through jello on the way to the car when we left yesterday, and that just isn’t right in December. Days like that make me appreciate Denver even more. Weather complications aside, it was great to see the Toys and St. Germains, play a little Civilization (I won!) and some FIFA 2012 (I won/lost!) and enjoy good company.  Sugar Grove was fantastic on Sunday, Julia is still cute as a button, and Rue is still Rue, so all seems right in the world.

This week we close on the new house, will head to Canton for a bit, and then CHRISTMAS!!!  If anyone wants to buy me a bamboo steamer, I’ll accept the gift with humility and grace.

Breakfast–Cheerios and a banana.  Julia also likes Cheerios and bananas, although she hasn’t completely mastered feeding herself yet.  There was banana EVERYWHERE. I was slightly more successful.

Exercise–Moving from Denver to Abilene to Dallas to Houston to Dallas has finally caught up with me, as the varying climates conspired to destroy my immune system.  My lymph nodes are the size of golf balls and its hurts to swallow.  This had two unfortunate effects on today: 1) We couldn’t go to Jordan and Emily’s Christmas party.  This made me very sad…of all the days to get sick, why this one?  2) Exercising was a bear.  All I could do was walk, and even then it felt like I had run a 5K. I went a mile and then quit because I felt miserable.

Lunch–Buffalo chicken flatbread sandwiches and pita chips.  I put lettuce, buffalo chicken, poblano strips, and a single pickle slice on some 90 calorie flatbread thingys, and they were goooooooood.

Snack–After a “sick day” nap, I had a Fiber One bar.  One unfortunate consequence of going to Houston is that I usually eat terribly there, and this was no exception.  Peanut Butter M&Ms, soda, Skittles, ice cream, homemade cookies…and that was basically dinner one night.  Judge away, I deserve it.  The Fiber One bar will hopefully clean out my system a bit.

Dinner–Oven baked tilapia, cannelini beans, roasted cauliflower and broccoli, and a squeeze of lemon over all of it.  In other words, my dinner was better than yours. I love being home.

Dessert–More fiber, or two cups of kettle corn, depending on how literal you’d like to be.

Good to be back on the blog…it was weird not having my computer for 4 days.  Pretty sure that’s the longest I’ve been away from it since Trek, and that was almost 2.5 years ago.  It’s my friend.


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