Day 338–French English Toast Made in America by Texans

It’s been an international fiesta in the Henderson household today…makes me wish I had clogs and/or a vuvuzela to complete the experience.  Dad had jury duty today which he was eventually excused from, Mom had to go to Frisco to buy a new fan, Abby went to Tyler again to be with Pa, and I…sat. And ate.

I am gearing up for our Houston experience this weekend though.  Doing laundry, preparing to sweat like the fat kid I am, and getting extremely excited to see the Toys and St. Germains. Even Rue.

Breakfast–That day I was talking about yesterday where the Cheerios would mix into one bowl of awesome weirdness? That day was today.  I had a bowl of Apple Honey Nut Multigrain Cheerios with a sliced banana. It was really nice, but now I’m out of bananas. Sad day.

Exercise–While Dad was supposed to be at jury duty and Mom was supposed to be shopping for a fan, I decided to workout. By the time I went upstairs to change and put on my running shoes and came back downstairs, both of them were home. Oh well.  I walked/ran for 20 minutes, including a highwater mark of sprinting for a minute plus. That may not seem like a lot to you, but I had already been running for 15 minutes when I did it and it was on a 2% incline, so I’ll take it.

Lunch–Chick Fila.  I had a spicy chicken sandwich (which I know shocks all of you who’ve read this more than twice) and a fruit cup, and then to reward my workout I had a lemonade as well. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have rewarded myself with 240 empty liquid calories, because it basically undid my workout.

Snack–An Apple Crisp granola bar and half a serving of Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Pieces.  No, they’re not anywhere close to as good as the York pieces, but they’re what we had laying around, so consumed them I did.

Dinner–French toast, made with English muffins. Hence the wonky blog post title.  We took some full fiber English muffins, soaked them in French toast custard, then coated them in sliced almonds for a bit of crunch and topped with real maple syrup (so there’s our Canadian influence) alongside spicy sausage patties.  It was INCREDIBLE, and so much healthier than brioche or challah.  I won’t go so far as to say it was better than brioche or challah (because lets be honest with each other…French toast was made for brioche and vice versa) but for the calories it was definitely an acceptable exchange.  That’s going in the repertoire.

I get to see Abby tomorrow, I had a solid workout, dinner was great, and Alton Brown is cooking duck on my TV. Life is good.


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