Day 336–Too Much of a Good Thing…

…really CAN be bad for you.  I had the opportunity to go up to Allen High School today to see Jordan’s classes in action, and I came away with three main thoughts (one of which is related to the title).

1)  The complex is INCREDIBLE.  The kitchen is amazing, the appliances are top-notch, there’s space and functionality, the restaurant is gorgeous and conducive to catering and events…its definitely a great asset for AISD. I don’t know if Plano has something like that anywhere, but if they don’t then they’ve made a huge mistake.

2) The kids are really talented. Jordan was training his competitive team and I was able to taste their first run-through…they know what they’re doing. They work hard and absorb information like sponges, and that will serve them well in this competition as well as life. I know he’s proud of them, and I can see why.

3) His introductory classes made chocolate chip cookies, and Jordo and I were the taste testers.  In the span of about 15 minutes I ate around 7 chocolate chip cookies…waaaaaaay too many. They were delicious, but the butter and the sugar made me sick and then I crashed off the sugar high later on.  My mom tried telling me about cookies when I got home and I almost threw up. I either need more practice as a food taster or that is NOT one of my spiritual gifts. Either way, blech.

Breakfast–Wafflewich w/ banana and an English muffin with black raspberry-jalapeno jelly.  Both were amazing and filling, which is good since lunch was so wonky.

Lunch–Tastings of the various dishes for competition (not sure if that information should be published, so I won’t) and then the deluge of cookies.  Not healthy, but at least the food part of it was small portions?

Dinner–Roasted chicken breast with rosemary, cinnamon apples, and butter beans.  A nice, filling, salty meal to help purge the system and the tastebuds a bit.

Exercise–Ran for twenty minutes on a 3.0 incline.  I’m still amazed at my growing stamina, partially because it was zero to start with and partially because I know there’s still so much more room to grow.

After Exercise Snack–Some roasted cashew Nut Clusters.

Tomorrow we have another walkthrough on the new house and I think I’ll shave my head. Not to the Bic level, but if you’ve seen me in the last month, you know I need a haircut. Badly.  As for an update on Pa, the surgery went well and he’s now in recovery mode.  He’ll be in the hospital a bit longer and then head to rehab, part of which will be done at his home.  Thanks for your prayers!


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