Day 335–Tebow Time

The man is just ridiculous…I miss being able to watch the Broncos.  Next week its a national game, but its against the Patriots. That being said–would you bet against Tebow now?

Had the chance to go to church at Richardson East this morning and see some old friends. I have to admit, as much as we loved Sugar Grove and Grace Crossing and even Beltway or Highland, there will only be one “home church.”   I’m looking forward to re-establishing some of those relationships and having more great memories at a great place!

Abby is in Canton with her Pa who is having hip-replacement surgery tomorrow morning, so if you’re the praying type, we’d appreciate it if you’d lift him up tonight and Abby’s family as they support him and help him through this. The good news is that as Abby is gone, Dad comes home tonight. It’s been weird being home but not having him around, and even weirder than he’s been in D.C. at a Caps game and a Redskins game (the Army-Navy game is forgivable). The way I see it, he picked hockey and the Redskins over us…ouch.

Breakfast–Wafflewich!! Peanut butter and peach-apricot jelly on Nutrigrain waffles. Delicious.

Lunch–There’s a farmers’ market in East Plano on the way home from church, so Mom and I stopped by there after services this morning to grab some lunch and some fresh foods for the rest of the week.  Lunch ended up being roasted butternut squash and carrots alongside some sauteed spinach with caramelized onions, apples, and some lemon juice and honey.  It was a great lunch, although for my unaccustomed stomach it wasn’t quite filling enough. Therefore, to supplement, I had a Nature Valley Apple Crisp granola pack and some roasted cashew Nut Clusters.

Snack–They also had some mangoes at the farmers’ market, so I had one of those along with a chocolate granola thin.

Dinner–Oatmeal with some fresh (previously frozen) fruit.  My mom has some bags of frozen fruit in the freezer that were leftover from the summer bounty, so I thawed some out and threw them in a bowl of thick-cut oats.  It was a great, filling meal.

As of now I haven’t exercised, but that may change between now and going to sleep. Or it may not. Who knows. Tomorrow is lunch with Jordan at his culinary program, and perhaps the return of my wife.  Have a good one dear readers.


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