Day 334–Moving

Today was…bipolar.  On the one hand, I’m incredibly happy/thankful to be home. Nothing is quite as good as waking up, coming downstairs, and seeing my mom in the kitchen making breakfast. On the other hand, we’ve got about seven weeks left in this house.

My parents are moving, which I guess means by proxy Abby and I are moving too (again, because we have tons of practice recently).  Our home for the last 19 years will cease to be such in February, as we’re heading north to a smaller house in Allen.  The new house is extremely nice–beautiful kitchen, a great guest area, some really amazing detail work–but its not our home, and I’m having some severe struggles with that.  I knew it would be tough and that I’d miss the Plano house, but it wasn’t until I got in the new abode that I realized just how hard its going to be on me.  I suppose for the purposes of this blog I need to say that my biggest concern is that I’ll eat to make myself feel better, but really I’m concerned I’m going to be depressed and angry–a very bad way to spend any length of time, much less the holidays. But I believe I can pull it together…there is always some initial shock. Now we need to turn the new house into a home.

Breakfast–Two eggs and two strips of bacon.  Look! Smaller portions!

Exercise–Glory glory Man United!  Walking/running is more fun when watching my Red Devils play like they’re supposed to play, although I almost fell off the treadmill celebrating Rooney’s brace. Whoops.  Burned about 230 calories, or most of breakfast.  Eliminating a meal through exercise can do wonders for one’s waistline.

Lunch–One thing we missed in Denver was Genghis Grill, or a Mongolian BBQ place of any sort. Ergo, we talked mom into taking us for lunch! I had a bowl with sliced beef, a couple of pieces of chicken, potatoes, mushrooms, celery, bok choy, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, some Dragon Salt, a soy/teriyaki/sweet chile sauce, and brown rice.  It was FANTASTIC.  Totally worth the wait, although I don’t want to go 4 months before we do it again.

Snack–A serving of York pieces, which also conveniently finished off the bag.  It’s amazing because one serving is 170 calories, but its also 50 pieces.  I ate them over the span of a couple of hours (and to be honest, I’m not sure I even ate 50) and it gave me some relief from my sweet tooth.

Dinner–Hatch chile chicken “casserole” with a butternut squash salad.  Hatch chile chicken soup in a casserole dish topped with corn tortillas (the actual tortillas, not chips) but obviously mine didn’t have any cheese or cream or anything added to make it more casserole-y, and then roasted butternut squash dusted with some cumin/chili powder on top of salad greens with salt and pepper.  It was a great meal, and now I’m addicted to hatch chiles again.  They’re one of those things you eat and then finally get out of your system, and once you think you’re out, they pull you back in!

Church tomorrow…Richardson East here we come!


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