Day 330–Goodbye Denver (Best of/Worst of)

Sadly, the time has come. This was our last full day in Denver, a place that has truly become home and a place we will definitely miss.  The furniture is gone, the cars are packed (ish), and the Comcast equipment is turned in, which means I’m actually publishing this from Tokyo Joes while at dinner.   As promised, here is the “best of” list from our four months in Colorado…a time much too short.

Best restaurant: Beau Jo’s. Duh. I’m sure there’s an aspect to the Denver food scene we just haven’t found yet, but unlike Dallas, Houston, or even Abilene our favorite places to eat here were usually just chains. Except, of course, the best pizza in the world. I’ll miss you good friend.

Worst restaurant: Five Star Burgers in Southglenn.  Overpriced, underseasoned, average food.  I’ll take Five Guys instead thank you very much.

Best day trip: Climbing Mt. Arkansas.  This was a tough choice for me, because everything we did was a blast.  Skiing in Keystone after Thanksgiving was fantastic, the winery was an amazing sandwich, Breck had some great Mexican food…all of them. Wonderful. I’m not even going to do a Worst day trip because picking on Vail due to rain seems petty, especially when we had an excellent time there too. But the combination of climbing, getting to see my favorite mountain, and then stopping in Keystone for pizza after a morning well spent put Arkansas over the top.

Best unexpected surprise (thing): The Broncos.  I like Elway and TD and Shannon Sharpe and rooted for them in the 90s, but being in the middle of Tebow-mania has been NUTS. I’m going to actually miss watching them every week…might have to find a sports bar that shows Broncos games in Dallas. Who knew?

Worst unexpected surprise (thing): Our apartment.  While we grew to love it, walking in the first day where it was slightly dirty, smelled of smoke, with psychotic neighbors and outdated appliances was almost more than our exhausted systems could handle.  Some things (the smoke, the neighbors, the appliances) never changed, but we did enjoy our time at Greenwood Point. Eventually.

Best unexpected surprise (place): Downtown Littleton. From the chocolate and spice shops to the cool antique stores, we had a hidden jewel right down the street from us. Who knew?

Worst unexpected surprise (place): The Denver Mint.  Under construction, freezing cold, too early for production to really be ramping up…could have been better. I expected more from you Denver Mint.

Thing I will miss the most: The weather, easy.  I love cold, and while some of you in Texas may be complaining about the chilly temps now, I want that all year.  Living in the 60-30 range for 4 months is glorious. I suppose as an add-on to this, I’ll miss our walking trails a lot too.  We couldn’t walk outside in Houston for fear of pollution-influenced death, so the weather here allowed for a more active and healthy lifestyle. Speaking of which…

Thing I won’t miss at all: EVERYONE SMOKES. Seriously…whats up with that?

I miss my family and friends, I miss Whataburger, and I’m ready for the adventures that await us in Texas and beyond, but our time here has been spectacular…I will always have fond memories of Denver, and I hope we get to come back.

Breakfast–Three egg scramble with caramelized onions, “chorizo,” poblano peppers, and spinach with a side of hash browns and a big glass of grapefruit juice from Snooze AM Eatery with Rachel.  It was wonderful!

Lunch–Not really lunch…at around 3 I had a peanut butter sandwich with about half a teaspoon of peach-jalapeno jelly. That’s all we had left!

Dinner–Tokyo Joe’s, one last time. Chicken bowl with brown rice, their spicy-aki sauce, and broccoli, edamame, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and snap peas.  A fantastic way to go out!

Signing off from Colorado…next time you hear from me I’ll be back in Plano, which will be weird enough in itself. But that’s a story for another post. Wish us luck and safety on our journey home!


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