Day 329–The Denver Mint

Abby and I had one more touristy thing to knock off our list before heading back to the Motherland…visiting the Denver Mint and Capitol Building.  We got up nice and early this morning to be greeted by two interesting realities: it snowed again last night (I can see how this would get old after a couple of months) and the temperature upon waking was 7. Not 70, not 107, but 7, as in 25 degrees below freezing. That was a bit of a shock to the system, especially when we had to walk three blocks to get to the Mint entrance. Totally worth it though; the tour was pretty cool and we got to see them making half dollars and a sneak peak of next year’s commemorative quarters. However, because it was rocking the single digits, we cut short our walking tour of downtown, settling for a drive-by look at the golden dome. All in all, a successful morning.

We also started packing in earnest, putting away the clothes, dishes, pots and pans, and the rest of our food. We’re pretty much ready to go after we load the car tomorrow. Sad to say its coming to an end, but it was all totally worth it.  Tomorrow I’ll have a “best of” list from our time here…get pumped!

Breakfast–Wafflewich…the last one. Deliciousness.

Lunch–Wendy’s.  This one is a bit rough, but I knew we were going to work out later so I guess I planned accordingly? Spicy chicken sandwich, but I only ate half the bun to cut down on calories, a medium fry (my word fries are bad for you…yikes), and a value sized Frosty. It was goooooood.

Exercise–After a brief nap to restore my ability to think clearly, and some hardcore packing, Abby and I went to the workout room for one last visit.  Same as usual…lifted weights and ran/walked for 15 minutes.  Still gaining endurance, but what I lack now is the willpower to push myself beyond what I usually do.  Hopefully being home and working out with my parents will provide that spark.

Dinner–Noodles and Co.  I had the Trio–a small Japanese Pan Noodles with chicken and a small tossed salad with sesame soy dressing.  You may be saying to yourself, “That’s only two items.” And you’d be correct.  I think they count the chicken as part of the Trio, which is part of the reason we never eat there.  They’re kind of a rip off. I will admit it was really good though…and there are ways to make it not a rip-off.  If we were here longer I think it’d enter the rotation.

Tomorrow the end begins, including losing our furniture and getting ready for our journey home. And we’re also 48 hours from Los Arcos…


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