Day 328–Chaos

I wanted to enjoy my last 3 days in Denver in peace, but apparently God has other plans.  From things as simple as football (way to go Cowboys…well done BCS) to as complex as our futures, everything became a bit upside-down today.

Beginning with football, let me say that anyone who didn’t see the Cowboys collapse coming hasn’t been watching them for very long.  We don’t play well in Arizona because the Cards hate us from our joint occupancy in the NFC East.  It has to be embarrassing to have your home games sell out only because 2/3rds of the stadium is wearing opposition blue. Things like that don’t go over very well…and apparently they care about it much more than we do.  We can’t get fired up to play Arizona, yet for them its their Super Bowl. It’s pretty much a Temple of Doom every time.

And the BCS…this is even more ridiculous…anyone who thought Oklahoma State had a chance hasn’t been paying attention either.  Voters are lazy, they don’t watch games, and they usually just slide teams up a spot if someone loses.  That’s why Bama is in the championship game, TCU didn’t climb high enough in the polls, and Michigan is playing in a BCS bowl and Baylor/K-State/Boise aren’t. The system is flawed. I’ll watch the Holiday Bowl and then, just like last year, that’ll be it.

As for our future, and I can’t put many cards on the table (mainly because I don’t have the cards…its like playing poker but I have a joker, the card with the rules on it, and an UNO card) but things got more complicated today.  I would like for us to be narrowing down options, but they keep growing, and none of them are in the same city.  I kind of want to hibernate and then when I wake up have it decided for me. We should work on that.

On a more serious note, one of my sister’s childhood friends was badly injured in a prop plane accident by the propeller (I’ll let your imagination fill in the details) and is facing some serious surgeries and a long recovery.   If you could spare a prayer and some positive thinking for Lauren, we’d all appreciate it.

Oh, and I didn’t pack today. At all.  In fact, I unpacked some things to make my lunch. Progress is overrated.

Breakfast–The rest of the Strawberry Fields box with some Multigrain Cheerios to fill out the bowl. Very…interesting.

Lunch–Another turkey sandwich with Sriracha, only this time I made some crispy potato slices to go with it.  Olive oil, salt, and crushed red pepper. Delicious.

Exercise–I walked/ran for 25 minutes and lifted weights.  I really am gaining stamina…I was able to run while talking on the phone for a few minutes with only slight loss of breath, a far cry from my normal panting going up and down stairs.

Dinner–Panera.  I had a turkey salad of some sort…the turkey was sketch (as turkey is wont to be) but it had some pears and dried cherries and the like in it so it was good. And then we split a bear claw because we got one for free.  Solid meal.

Tomorrow we may or may not be going to the Mint…its snowing (again) and I don’t really feel like navigating an icy downtown for our penultimate celebration. Besides, we need to pack tomorrow since I didn’t do it today. Whoopsie.



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