Day 327–It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like (Arthur) Christmas

There are actually quite a few kids movies out right now that I would watch…Arthur Christmas, The Muppets, Hugo, Happy Feet Two, and even Puss in Boots wouldn’t be a bad way to spend a couple of hours.  Abby doesn’t want to see Hugo, I’m not in a “getting preached at” mood so that knocked out Happy Feet Two, Puss in Boots is so passé, and we’re going to see The Muppets with the Toys and St. Germains (yay!) so that left Arthur Christmas for our movie date…totally the right choice. It was a great holiday movie…not exactly Home Alone or Elf, but really entertaining and it might have gotten a bit dusty towards the end. There are definitely worse ways you could spend your time and money (like, I dunno, TWILIGHT) than laughing at James McAvoy and Bill Nighy.

We were supposed to get another inch or two of snow last night, so I rolled out of bed this morning and peeked through the blinds to see the light dusting and was greeted by another 4-5 inches, if not more.  And it was snowing HARD. Now there’s supposed to be another bit tonight and then it makes its way to Texas, where the bad weather will hopefully bring some precipitation with it and cooler temperatures for some relief.  I am NOT looking forward to dry, hot Texas…my warm-natured self has enjoyed the brief respite. I like walking outside when its 20 degrees and feeling comfortable for once, as opposed to walking outside when its 100 and feeling like I want to burst out of my own skin. Texas and I are going to take a while getting used to each other again.

Another winter wonderland, another fire in the fireplace, and boxes scattered throughout the house. A bittersweet Christmas indeed.

Breakfast–Strawberry Fields (forever)!  I’m not sure I’ve ever made that unfortunate joke before. If I have, forgive me…and even if I haven’t, sorry I did it this time. Couldn’t be helped.

Movie Snack–A Coke and some Jolly Rancher Screaming Sours…possibly the worst candy I’ve ever had. They tasted terrible, they made me feel terrible…just a waste of calories. Gross.

Mid-Afternoon Snack–The movie was at noon and the candy made me feel bad enough I didn’t eat lunch at lunchtime, so I had it later.  One turkey sandwich dressed with Sriracha and then one piece of bread with some Justin’s chocolate peanut butter for “dessert.”

Dinner–I’ll probably have the last of the leftover soup for dinner later…or I might now.  I’m pretty content now.

Tomorrow Abby goes to Wyoming (because, why not?) to visit a friend, and I’ll start packing away more things. Huzzah. Oh, and here’s a pre-emptive TEEEEEEEEEEEBOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW. Because you know its happening (sorry Vikings fans).


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