Day 326–Packing and Pancakes

I lamented this fact on Facebook, but when we lived in Houston we started packing for our exodus 3 weeks early.  Some of that was necessity (we had to get stuff up to Dallas for storage) but a lot of it was a strong desire to escape, and escape quickly, as if throwing our dishes in a box would make time move with a bit more haste. After our wondrous time in Denver, we’re 5 days from our departure (now 4…we leave early in the morning) and we just started packing today. And by packing I mean we half-filled three boxes. It’s going to be a crazy finish, especially with some of the things we still want to do…I hope we get it all done on time!

Breakfast–As promised, I took the wife out for breakfast.  We visited the Original Pancake House, which is not the original Original Pancake House, but a knock off. Still good food though.  Abby had cinnamon-almond french toast and I had a spinach, sausage, and onion omelette with blueberry pancakes.  The pancakes were trash…frozen blueberries can turn all matter of foods grey, but the omelette and home fries were fantastic.  Abby’s french toast wasn’t bad either.

Lunch–Oatmeal, continuing the breakfast kick.  Since breakfast (the first one) was so heavy, I just wanted a small energy charge so I had some quick-cooking oats with dried pineapple, guava, and raisins and a tablespoon of peanut butter for some sweetness.   It was fantastic.

Exercise–Also as promised, Abby and I hit up the workout room.  I walked/ran for 25 minutes and then lifted weights.  I feel myself gaining some endurance, which is great, but my strength is still lagging behind.  I’ve always been a gangly dude and so I’m trying to bulk up a bit to make things more…proportional. Progress is slow.

Dinner–In the ever-constant quest to clean out the fridge, we had pasta (used the rest of the pasta) with tomato pasta sauce (used the last can of tomatoes), roasted broccoli (rest of the broccoli), sauteed asparagus (saving some for eggs and ramen), and chicken apple sausage (one more link to go in beans).  Great meal, and it helped cut down on our junk to pack.

Dessert–The rest of the kettle corn from last night.  Fantastic.

Tomorrow we’re going to go see a movie and then the packing begins in earnest. I hope.



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