Day 325–Snow Day(s)

Starting about midnight last night, it began to snow here in Denver. From that point on, it snowed. And snowed. And snowed some more. Then we had breakfast, and it kept snowing. I read another chapter and a half in my textbook and occasionally looked up to see the snow fall.  Watched some OnDemand Daily Show episodes…still snowing. Ate lunch…while it snowed. Took a nap, and when I woke up, guess what? It was snowing! Ended up with something like 15-16 hours of straight precipitation.  It’s a great going away present…and it should do it again at least once more before we go.

So we have a beautiful winter wonderland outside, a roaring fire in our fireplace, spent the day in our pjs, and the cat didn’t end up in the toilet because I decided to exhibit mercy upon her feline non-soul. All in all, today was a win, except I didn’t get a workout in because of the weather. Did I mention it snowed a bit?

Breakfast–Return of the Strawberry Fields.  Again, trying to clean out the pantry has led to some fun discoveries, and I missed my SF goodness.

Lunch–Leftover soup from last night with some Wheat Thins.  The Wheat Thins are a great touch to the soup–a bit sweet, offsets the spicy/salty/savory–but man are Wheat Thins bad for you.  The fat content alone is enough to make me want to throw out the box, but then I remember I’m poor and I like crackers with my soup, so the Wheat Thins stay…for now.

Snack–New obsession: York Peppermint Patty pieces.  I love Yorks, I love M&Ms, so basically combining the two is like a match made in Heaven.  Some of you might be saying “But there are already mint M&Ms…why not eat those?”  You make a fair point…unless you’ve tried both of them, I can’t really explain why the York pieces are superior.  Perhaps its the dark chocolate, perhaps its completely psychological, but they are.

Dinner–Made a deal with Abby: I make jambalaya for dinner (not that healthy) and in return she has to work out with me tomorrow. Good deal.  I added a link of chicken apple sausage and another piece of summer sausage to the jambalaya.  While the summer sausage definitely added something to the soup last night, it detracted from the jambalaya…those flavors do NOT mix.  And now I know.

Dessert–A cup of kettle corn with some melted peppermint stick dark chocolate drizzled on top. I really like mint chocolate (if you can’t tell) and the winter with snow and colder temps is a great time to enjoy it.

Taking the wife out for breakfast tomorrow (assuming the snow isn’t still causing problems) and then another relaxing day.  I have to admit…I like both of us being free all day.  It’s more fun with her than without her.


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