Day 324–Finally!

Our skiing adventure has had its share of ups and downs, and then some. Day 1 was unbearably hot, with hardly any base and even less powder. Day 2 my ski boots fit so poorly (again, because I’m fat) that I was almost nauseated from the pain. Day 3 I got better boots, but it was a windchill of -15 on top of the mountain. My mustache literally froze, although I shudder to think where the liquid came from to make the ice. Day 4 we were exhausted from a great week at Keystone, it was ridiculously crowded, and starting to warm up again, turning all the fresh new snow into old slushy muck.

Day 5, however, was spectacular.

Going on a Wednesday when school isn’t out leads to no crowds.  Going after a couple of days of no crowds means the powder base was built up some.  Going after a couple of days of cooler temperatures means it wasn’t all slush and it resembled real skiing.  And going on a day where the high temperature was only in the upper 30s means it was just warm enough, and just cool enough, to make it perfect.  That isn’t to say it didn’t have its pitfalls…Abby had some boot issues and tweaked a knee on a wicked wipeout, and I got a little toasty while standing in the sun, but that was about it.  If this is our last adventure in Colorado, then it was the best possible way I can imagine to go out.

Breakfast–I have to admit, this morning I was the one moving slowly.  Usually its Abby (I think she would admit this. If not, our couch is quite comfortable for sleeping.) who keeps us behind, but today I just couldn’t get my butt in gear.  Part of this was the early waking hour, part of it was bad planning, and part of it was our psychotic cat who started whining at 5 am because she had eaten all of her food (fatty) and wanted more.  If she does it tomorrow, I’m locking her in the toilet. Not the bathroom, the actual toilet. I may lose a significant amount of blood trying to achieve this, but she deserves it.  Moral of the story: I had a peanut butter wafflewich in the car on the way to Keystone.

Lunch–We once again packed our lunches for the slopes, only to get a good sweat up and decide we wanted something with more substance.  So we decided to get Pizza on the Run, the unfortunate offspring of Pizza on the Plaza.  It’s unfortunate only because it lacks the ambiance of the original…PotP is overlooking Keystone Lake and the mountain ranges, PotR is overlooking a ski shop for (what appears to be) the Real Housewives of Summit County.  Not the same.  We had a Last Chance (pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, and italian sausage) and I ate much more than I should have. Needed energy for the runs!

Dinner–Spicy Southwestern Soup from Whole Foods.  It’s supposed to snow/sleet/wintry mix (what the heck is wintry mix that it can’t be described as sleet, hail, or snow?) tonight and tomorrow, so we decided to warm up a bit before it gets all crazy.  And its going to make for some wicked leftovers.  I added some summer sausage and diced asparagus and it made for an amazing bowl of soup…and I take my soup seriously.

Dessert/Snacks/Whatever–Throughout the day I ate a bag of gummi bears.  They provided a nice sugar boost while skiing and a good movie snack while watching LOTR: The Two Towers.  Haribo, I salute you.

Tomorrow: Warm fires, snowy days, and sleep. Lots of sleep. And maybe a workout if its not overly nuts outside.


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