Day 323–Back to Normal?

Today was probably the last normal day we’ll have in Colorado, and even this one was a bit strange.  Abby’s boards went really well, and she got done early enough that we were able to have dinner together too! Double win!  I slept in (until 8. What happened to me?) and was able to work out, get some reading done for my class (the ecclesiopolitical climate of medieval Europe…jealous?) and watch Meet Joe Black, which I’m fully prepared to be judged for. All in all, a pretty solid day.

Breakfast–Peanut butter and strawberry jelly wafflewich.  Always a winner, although tomorrow we’re going back to Keystone for one last day of skiing so I might make it three days in a row with the wafflewich. That’s a lot of wafflewichiness to handle all at once.

Lunch–Omelette with the last turkey burger from last night and some asparagus.  I also added a tablespoon of Sriracha to the eggs, so it was one of the better omelettes I’ve ever whipped up.  I was proud of myself.

Exercise–Confession: I didn’t actually work out last night. I felt terrible and didn’t want to push myself after the week of skiing.  Therefore, I made up for it today with a brisk walk/run and some heavy weight lifting.  I actually meant to not work out the day before skiing again, but then the weather turned and its supposed to snow 4 inches on Thursday and we’d prefer not to get stuck in that. So hopefully I’ll recover for tomorrow!

Dinner–Chipotle!  A burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, carnitas, hot salsa, corn salsa, and lettuce. It was superb, and a pretty healthy way to finish off the day.

Dessert–Two cups of kettle corn. Deliciousness.

Tomorrow I’ll have my report from Keystone! Here come the slopes!


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