Day 322–Losing Altitude

It was weird to wake up this morning to no snow, no mountains, a relatively quiet apartment, and no skis. Unfortunately, this is a reality we’re going to have to get used to, as every day brings the idea “Today, we’re doing this, but next week we’ll be packing/driving/back in Texas.”  We will certainly miss Denver and Colorado, but the journey isn’t over yet!

If you’ve got a moment to spare tomorrow, Abby’s second part of the national board certification test is bright and early in the morning and thoughts and prayers would be appreciated!  I know she’s going to rock it, but after the part one fiasco we’d be grateful for all your support.

Breakfast–Peanut butter wafflewich.  We’ve also reached the point where we’re trying to empty out our fridge/freezer and make sure we have food to eat…but not too much.  It’s a tricky science. Luckily, we still have waffles.

Lunch–Chick Fila, requested by the wife.  I had a chargrilled chicken sandwich, fries, and because of the beauty of advertising, a peppermint chocolate chip shake.  Seriously…planned on eating healthy, ordered the grilled chicken, and then I couldn’t resist the awesome chocomint combination. It was delicious though.

Snack–Fiber One bar.

Dinner–Turkey burgers, marinated with soy sauce and Sriracha and baked beans. Again…had some beans, had some hamburger buns, and BAM! dinner is served. Cleaning out the pantry is fun.

Exercise–Even though my legs are still a bit wobbly, I went and ran for a bit and lifted some weights. I’ll rest tomorrow…maybe.

Tomorrow I get to spend the day alone with London, who has recovered from her trauma of being left alone and is back to being cute and ornery at the same time.  Hopefully she’ll be sociable tomorrow while I’m trapped here reading for my classes.


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