Day 315–Running Uphill

During my workout today I found myself getting tired more easily than usual, my legs hurt more than usual, and I was just plain exhausted much earlier than usual. It was mildly depressing until I looked down at the treadmill and a blinking number caught my attention.  I had absent-mindedly set the incline for my run at 4%…and it about crushed me.  Again, the point of these last few workouts has been to get me in better skiing shape, and destroying my quads is the best way to do that, but man…incline and running makes things much more difficult! (Duh.)

I also had a lovely bachelor day today because Abby wasn’t free for lunch and went out with the people from her office for a goodbye dinner tonight, so I was able to get some reading done, go grocery shopping, workout, start laundry…and its only 7:45. She needs to come home soon.

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios.  Wasn’t feeling the toastwich and we were out of waffles (hence the grocery shopping) so Cheerios prevailed.

Lunch–I had been marinating a chicken breast in teriyaki sauce for a while, so I baked it and diced it up.  Half of it went on a salad, and half of it went into ramen.  They were both delicious, and would have sustained me for a while had I not exercised right after lunch. Oh well.

Exercise–Ran/walked/stumbled a couple of miles on a wicked incline and then lifted weights.  It’s funny, but I feel better on the days I work out. Shocking.  I also noticed I crave ice cream after working out…what up with that? Self-sabatoge.

Dinner–Two small (like 2 inch diameter) sweet potatoes, roasted, with sauteed mushrooms, anaheim pepper, and onion.  It was incredible and filling…its going in the repertoire as well. I just really like vegetables.

Tonight/tomorrow I’m making some pumpkin chili for the week and making final preparations for our awesome Keystone holiday. So tomorrow might be my last post for a while…don’t cry my followers. I’ll make it up with pictures and stories and, just because I love you, I’ll even try to not hurt myself skiing. All for you.


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