Day 314–Pi Edition

Yep. I did that…I’m a nerd.

Today began our preparations for our fantastic Keystone vacation.  We had some packing fun, which was actually way more chaotic than it should have been.  There were three piles of clothes: 1) Those going back to Texas early.  We’ve added some extra things to our possessions in Colorado so making some more room is paramount. 2) Those going to Keystone.  Packing for skiing is always a bit tricky because you have to pack for skiing and pack for after skiing and remember to keep all of it separate, otherwise you have to go home either naked or in dirty clothes. Not acceptable. 3) Those to be worn skiing the first day.  Abby and I plan on getting to Keystone, picking up our lift tickets, picking up our skis, and hitting the slopes, so I have to make sure I don’t pack away everything to be worn that first day. Made for piles everywhere, but it was fun. And I might have actually gotten everything organized.

We also went grocery shopping for the week. It’s interesting shopping for that many people, especially when you don’t know exactly how many attendees you’re going to have.  I am looking forward to some nice comfort food in the snowy mountains though!

Breakfast–Multigrain Cheerios. More variety…go me!

Lunch–Chipotle.  Originally we were going to have pizza, but ever since the Biggest Loser incident I’ve felt really bad about indulging, even with yesterday’s dessert debacle. And by debacle I mean deliciousness. Whatever. I had a bowl with brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, chicken, both hot and tomatillo salsa, and lettuce. I enjoyed it immensely.  This also brings up a weird revelation about Denver: the place has very few good “hometown” restaurants.  I mean Beau Jos and Tokyo Joes are fantastic (and both named Jo(e). Which is odd.) but other than that we haven’t found much. For Mexican we go to Chipotle or On The Border, for burgers we go to Five Guys, for Italian we eat in…there just isn’t a longing to go anywhere.  In short, we miss Texas food.

Dinner–Peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich and some jalapeno chips.  Abby went to see Breaking Dawn (judge away world) and so it was me and a M*A*S*H mini-marathon. Peanut butter was good and cheap.

Exercise–I went and ran about 20 minutes on a 4.0 incline (trying to get my quads in good shape for skiing) and then lifted some weights.  Solid workout…skiing is still going to kick my tail.

Tomorrow is another night alone, but at least I’ve got The Sing Off, Castle, and MNF to keep me company.  And my psychotic cat. Cue Will Smith singing, “Just the Two of Us.”


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