Day 313–Evergreen, Colorado

Today, in the last of our day trips in Colorado (or so we think…who knows where the winds will take us) we decided to be all fancy.  Located in Evergreen, Colorado is the fantastic restaurant known as Creekside Cellars.  It’s affiliated with a winery/vineyard in Palisades, Colorado and many of the dishes incorporate their wines and have a distinctive Mediterranean flair.  Evergreen is a pretty interesting town in itself, and the drive there and back was AMAZING, but the highlight was definitely the food and the view from the restaurant.  It lives up to its Creekside name with some spectacular views down the valley and the river running alongside the property.  We had a blast!

Breakfast–Return of the Toastwich!  Whole wheat bread (with flax!), peanut butter, and peach-jalapeno preserves. Delicious and filling.

Lunch–Here’s the moneymaker for the day.

I had a proscuitto, caramelized onion, and rosemary-port-fig jam panini with a side salad, and Abby had a turkey, roasted red pepper, provolone, and basil pesto panini with tomato-basil bisque on the side.  They were both delicious, although I had to take Abby’s word for it on hers.  Both sandwiches were on fresh baked focaccia bread.  As you can see from the pictures, I devoured mine (and it looks like I licked the plate, although I didn’t. Scouts’ honor.) but still had room for dessert.  We couldn’t decide between the cheesecake or the chocolate, so we had both.  The chocolate is a chocolate pate, which basically means its really rich and spreadable (if so desired).  The cheesecake has a marion berry-port reduction sauce on it that was fantastic…we were both stuffed afterwards. And needing naps. When we left I bought a couple of bottles of Riesling to use in cooking and to have a souvenir from our fantastic experience. Creekside Cellars…visit. It’s worth it.

Dinner–Since we weren’t that hungry due to lunch, we had leftovers for dinner.  I threw together an omelette with caramelized onion, bell pepper, chicken-apple sausage and some crushed jalapeno chips for a little salt/crunch.  Lots of protein…good meal.

So there we go. Tomorrow we’re going to start shopping and putting things together for Keystone.  Get pumped for the holidays!


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