Day 310–Progress

Spending a majority of the last 6 months in a holding pattern has been tough.  We knew we were going to Denver, we know we’re going to Dallas, but after that and during that is a total mystery.  Abby graduates in May, but she isn’t licensed until Julyish, and we have no clue what the future holds.  I couldn’t take any classes from ACU this semester because I’ve taken all of the online offerings (or they don’t fit into my degree plan) so I wasn’t any closer to finishing that either, and in turn knowing if I need to be IN Abilene to finish things off sooner or later or whatever…it just all seemed to be backing up at once. In fact, that’s a perfect analogy: a giant dam has been thrown up in front of our lives, and everything’s getting stuck. Something needs to break through…which leads us to today.

I received my books for next semester in the mail today, and I have to admit: I’m pumped.  There’s going to be a lot of weird stuff going on, but I think it’ll all be interesting and it’ll definitely make me a better minister/teacher, and that’s the goal.  I should be able to throw myself into my schoolwork and that’ll help some of the time pass until we get another big breakthrough.

Breakfast–I promised more variety, and here it is: Abby’s homemade pumpkin roll.  There was only a little bit left, but it was a fantastic breakfast. Not healthy, but still delicious.

Lunch–Here’s where things get a bit…random.  I had some salad greens with my last can of spicy Thai chile tuna, along with some jalapeno chips.  I finished it off with some chocolate mini rice cakes. You know, because tuna, salad greens, chips, and rice cakes fit together perfectly.  Kinda threw me off a bit…I think my stomach was confused. Don’t blame it.

Dinner–The last of our leftover pumpkin chili and cornbread muffins.  I had a bowl of chili and a couple of muffins with the chili, and then two more muffins with some local artisan jalapeno-peach preserves I got the other day. Perfect meal..made me think of Texas.

Tomorrow I get to sub at Valor again for the first of two days…I’m really looking forward to it.  Fun with US History and US Government!


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