Day 309–The Biggest Loser

Abby and I decided to do a quick workout tonight, and for the first time since we’ve been in Denver there was someone else in the workout room.  Usually we walk in there and the lights are out, there’s some water cup trash all over the place and the TV is on something terrible, at least from an exercise viewpoint. For example, last time it was The Good Wife. Not a bad show…terrible for exercising. Hard to pay attention and concentrate, blah blah blah…just not good.  This is also part of a bigger problem we’ve seen…Denver is supposed to be the incredibly healthy city, and yet I see just as many overweight people here, EVERYONE smokes, and we never see people in the workout room and rarely pass people on the walking trails unless its an old couple out for a walk (which is really cute, but not indicative of a healthy city).

Anyways, we get into the workout facility today and on the TV is The Biggest Loser.  We used to watch it all the time in Houston, and for some reason we just stopped…and that was a mistake.  Not only is it great television, but its incredibly motivational.  Time to make it a part of our routine again, and time to get more motivation.

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios…what else.  I love that they’re still good after all these days in a row, but the variety was nice. More variety tomorrow…and not the good kind.

Lunch–I knew I was going to be cooking dinner and I didn’t want ramen again, so I broke down and got Arby’s.  Roast beef sandwich, curly fries, Dr Pepper…the whole thing.  And then I felt slightly nauseous later, so I potentially gave myself food poisoning. That’s what I get for slacking off and falling off the wagon.

Snack–Some trail mix.  We have a ton of that kind of stuff all over the house that we need to get rid of, take to Keystone with us, or eat before we leave. Going to be a challenge.

Dinner–The return (and finale) of a great dinner…homemade sweet potato ravioli.  I made them a bit different than previous incarnations (one wonton wrapper instead of two) and added some chicken-apple sausage to the plate, but it was still delicious.  I used the last of the sweet potato mixture, so thats it until Plano and I can make some more.

Dessert–Palmful of dark chocolate M&Ms.  I like M&Ms…between that and the Cheerios, I think that makes me a 3 year old. Sweet.

Tomorrow we clear out some more leftovers, but more importantly the books for my classes next semester arrive and I can start plowing through the thousands of pages I’ll have to read.  I’m actually excited about taking classes and getting back into the academic swing of things…that makes me not a 3 year old. Cancels out. Long live education!


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