Day 308–Breaking the Law

Its incredible how our minds work.  We have the ability to remember copious amounts of song lyrics yet can’t remember things that appear on tests and quizzes.  We process ridiculous amounts of information every second, and yet most of us possess the multitasking skills of a drunk primate.  And when we’re in bed, falling asleep, some of the strangest thoughts can bubble up to the surface…

Like last night when I realized we had been driving for a month and a half without proof of insurance. Fail.

When we moved, I tried to list out and itemize everything we had to do to make the big change, including change of address forms for all of our financial institutions.  Apparently I forgot our insurance agency though, so when our car insurance renewed, we never got the cards. They’re in Houston, “enjoying” the warmth and pollution.  So needless to say, I got that taken care of as quickly as I could. We aren’t lawbreakers anymore!

Breakfast–Two cornbread muffins with jelly.  Finished off the cornbread, finished off the cherry preserves…good meal and cleaned out some space. Boom.

Lunch–Ramen! Again with the cleaning out the pantry.  Oriental ramen with Sriracha, soy sauce, and yellow bell pepper. Good as always.

Errands–Usually I don’t fill you all in on my day to day goings on, but for the first time in probably 6 months I got my hair cut.  To those who saw me before I left, yes…its that long. Imagine the glory.  I only trimmed it this time, so its still nice and…resplendent.

Dinner–As we enter the homestretch Abby and I are making sure we do all the things we want to do, eat all the places we want to eat, and not have any regrets about our time up here.  To that end, we went to the Old Mill Brewery in downtown Littleton for some good old fashioned BOGO burger goodness.  I had a Philly burger–a half pound burger topped with grilled onions, mushrooms, and peppers.  It was FANTASTIC.  We will miss you Old Mill.

Dessert–Dark chocolate M&Ms while watching the Sing Off and Castle. Happiness.


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