Day 306–Saturday Evening Post

That’s right…try to add a little class to the blog.

Today was another weird Saturday, although this one was by design. We got up at a relatively normal time, ate breakfast, then watched some college football (booooo…) and episodes of The Daily Show (yay…), then had lunch/dinner mid-afternoon, then watched some more OnDemand junk, and now its 7:41 and I’ve somehow done a lot today yet its still an hour or so until respectable bed time. Whoops.

We didn’t journey anywhere because we’re only a week out from our Thanksgiving adventure and Abby is a bit under the weather, so today at least we stayed put.  Tomorrow on the other hand…who knows.

Breakfast–Pumpkin-chocolate chip bread.  Because it must be eaten. And its good.

Lunch–Or I guess more accurately, grazing time.  I had some peanut M&Ms and some beef jerky.  It’s like camping.  Jerky is actually a great snack, its just so expensive its not practical for us.  Too bad.

Dinner–Or the midday meal. Man, I don’t know…stop pressuring me! We had a BOGO at Pei Wei so we went to one north of us.  The “close” one in Highlands Ranch is a disaster…such a waste of prime real estate.  Bad food, bad service, and removed from the list of places we frequent.  This new one is much better.  Anyways, I had Mandarin Kung Pao vegetables with fried rice and it was DELICIOUS.  Lots of fiber, lots of flavor…winner.

Dessert–Another piece of pumpkin bread. It’s addictive!

I’m thinking tomorrow might be a Whole Foods/special meal day.  Any suggestions for what I can make?



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