Day 304–Pumpkin Chocolate Bread

As the weather has turned and the temperature drops, there have been some noticeable changes. The beautiful fall trees have lost most of their leaves, we had to turn the heater on all the time (for those of you that live in Houston, the heater is like air conditioning, only with warm air), and comfort food has dominated the menu.  Also, in an incredibly inconceivable turn of events, London has decided she likes me again.  And I’m not talking like she tolerates being in the same room with me, but she intentionally jumps up and snuggles next to me. We’ve probably spent more time in the same personal space over the last two days than we have since we got her. Two years ago. So to recap, cold weather makes cats less psychotic. Who knew.

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios. Yeah…variety will reign tomorrow. You’ll see.

Lunch–Leftover breakfast casserole from yesterday.  Crescent rolls, maple sausage, caramelized onions and chipotle peppers, and eggs with a bit of adobo sauce added to it.  It was FANTASTIC.  And good enough to use for lunch instead of breakfast, no matter how repetitive my breakfast choices have been. Worth it.

Snack–Handful of peanut M&Ms.

Dinner–Barbecue baked potatoes with caramelized onions, bacon pieces, and salad. Yes, salad. Look at my mature choices.

Dessert–I made more pumpkin chocolate bread.  It was a box mix that we already had on hand, and I was feeling like baking, so…there we go.  I had a slice. Its good stuff.  Pumpkin and chocolate are just a fantastic combination…makes me love the cooler weather even more.


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