Day 300–Lennox House

300!  It hasn’t been pretty, it hasn’t been consistent, and it hasn’t always been successful, but I’m trying.  Not having a scale is actually driving me nuts.  I thought leaving it in the storage unit would help me because it wouldn’t be lording over me, but not being able to track progress (or in this case, severe regression) has been a disaster.  I know I’ve gained weight in Colorado…something has happened in the last couple of weeks that has taken over my body and I’m NOT pleased with the results.  Gotta work on that.

Abby and I spent the weekend in Colorado Springs at a Bed and Breakfast.  I’ve never been to a B&B before, and I know people our age are unique B&B tenants, but the Lennox House made us feel at home!  Great room, amazing king-sized bed, wonderful breakfasts (as you’ll soon see) and a perfect location for what we wanted to do…fantastic trip.  This has me VERY excited about November and Thanksgiving and Keystone and colder weather and all the great things that are coming!  Once again, check, Abby’s blog, for pictures and a better recap of the pleasantries.

Breakfast–Banana nut pancakes, a bit of peach brown betty, and a sausage patty with orange juice.  The pancakes were delicious, the sausage added a great salty/savory aspect with the sweet pancakes, and the brown betty was just dessert before breakfast…mean when trying to lose weight, but still incredible.

After lunch we went to the Air Force Academy to look at the campus and check out the chapel.  We were fortunate enough to be there as they were conducting a service, and it made for a pretty cool experience.  I’ve been to the AFA before, but as I get older I’m able to appreciate the beauty of the Academy along with the gravity and the importance of what those kids are doing for us.  Great end of the trip. 

Lunch–On the Border.  I had two achiote chicken tacos, which were absolutely amazing. Grilled chicken, cilantro, red onion, and diced pineapple with this incredible roasted pepper salsa.  OTB actually makes not having good Tex-Mex tolerable…but I’m ready to feast at Los Arcos on the way home.

Dinner–Ramen.  After the Tex-Mex splurge I was pretty stuffed, so simple carbs to fuel the workout that’s coming.  Oriental Ramen, Sriracha, red bell pepper, asparagus, and a dash of soy. Boom.

Exercise–After watching a Thanksgiving special by the Voltaggio brothers and The Next Iron Chef and sating my food cravings, Abby and I went to the apartment workout facility where I did 20 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of the treadmill.  Good way to get back on track, and hopefully the weather this week will allow for some more long walks and enjoying the beauty around me!

It’s nuts we only have a month or so left up here…its been an incredible adventure and it will only get better!


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