Day 296–Microcosm

For those of you who read this consistently, you’ll know that yesterday I lamented the fact that when I get a new book, I destroy it fairly quickly so it doesn’t provide hours of entertainment.  As if receiving a giant slap in the face, this morning at 8 am I started a new book.  This afternoon at 2 pm I finished it. 400 pages, gone in the blink of an eye. I spent some time watching Manchester United win (huzzah!), I cooked lunch and almost burned off three of my fingers, I worked on the job hunt…six hours. Sheesh.

I think, however, that this is a wake up call for me.  I know what my problem is (I read too fast. I need to take my time and savor the book) yet I do nothing about it, even after explaining it the day before.  I do the exact same thing with my weight…I know I need to cut out the sweets (had a big bowl of ice cream today), that water is better than a soft drink (two sodas today…Jones Soda, but still bad), and that I need to cut down my portion sizes (no attempt to measure or portion things today).  Just because I’m intelligent enough to identify a problem doesn’t mean I’m strong enough to fix it.  Hopefully this will be a turning point.

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios. Bought a new box the other day…smart purchase.  I also got up early to clean the 8 inches of snow off Abby’s car for her before she went to work. Unfortunately, Valor was closed due to the snow so I didn’t get another sub call. C’est la vie.

Lunch–Leftover sweet potatoes and broccoli in the honey-chipotle sauce from yesterday added to some whole wheat shell pasta and some sauteed bacon.  Here’s a prime example of my failings–there’s nothings inherently wrong with that meal, but I have no idea how much pasta I ate, and I’m pretty sure I ate an entire sweet potato along with the pasta and the bacon.  Totally unnecessary…I miss my scale.

Snack–Half of a bowl of ice cream.

Dinner–Leftover pumpkin chili and two honey-cayenne cornbread muffins. Again…no measurements. Gotta get better. I will admit though…a snowy day when its 25 degrees is perfectly paired with chili.  Good call.

Dessert–The rest of the ice cream.

Tomorrow we have Beau Jo’s with the interns as a goodbye meal, and I know I can control what I do. Salad bar, water, don’t eat too much pizza…I can do this. Your support, as always, is appreciated!


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