Day 295–Elantris

So I’ve noticed something over the last 6 months of unemployment…the ability to read quickly is actually a bad thing when you’re trying to kill time.  I’ve read something like 15-20 books in that time frame (I know…not that impressive. I keep running out of reading material.) but each one only takes me like a day and a half.  My most recent conquest, Elantris by Brandon Sanderson, was 500 pages of goodness that I destroyed in a day. I loved the book, loved the story, and I loved the distraction…it just wasn’t long enough.  I either need 50 books to read, a good knock upside the head to slow me down, or a job.  Guess which two I’d prefer?

Today is also a weird eating day, somewhat related to Elantris and somewhat related to my own stupidity. Oh well.

Breakunch–So I stayed up late devouring a large portion of the book, which means I woke up late, which means breakfast wasn’t until like 11 when I finally got around to making it…whoops.  I finished off last night’s dinner for breakfast: breakfast casserole.  Cresent rolls on the bottom, then a pound of maple sausage, topped with sauteed onions and bell peppers and covered in egg.  I assume normal people would add cheese, but I never claimed to be normal.  It was a great breakfast, it was just really late and really heavy. So much so, lunch didn’t happen. Wasn’t hungry.

Snack–Around 3 I had a bowl of ice cream. Never fails…its snowing, so I want something cold. I think I’m broken.

Dinner–Honey-chipotle chicken with sweet potatoes and roasted broccoli.  One of my favorite new recipes, except for some reason it wasn’t as good this time as it was last time.  I think I used too much sweet potato, so it didn’t cook all the way.  Anyway, Abby hated it and threw half of it away because she was “full” and then immediately, after scraping the food into the trash, poured herself a bowl of cereal. I can take a hint.

Tomorrow will be another snow day, potentially be another subbing day, and I still need to figure out what we’re having for dinner. Suggestions?


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