Day 293–Social Media Blackout

I made the choice on Thursday night to try a fast from social media for the weekend.  No Twitter, no Facebook, and because I couldn’t figure out where blogging fell on the spectrum, no WordPress.  Closing TweetDeck was pretty easy, forgetting to blog was second nature, but I was shocked at how much Facebook has just become a reflex for me.  Not in a bad addictive way, but its just part of my routine.  I check my email, check ESPN, and check Facebook.  It’s been tough to get out of that habit, but well worth it.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up and slowly pull away from using Facebook all the time.  Also, apologies to anyone trying to get ahold of me the last 3 days through Facebook. Whoops.

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. The day started with such promise for the Broncos and Cowboys, so I decided to have a special breakfast.  Turned out that was the highlight of the day as far as sports was concerned…the pregame show.  Blech.

Lunch–Tokyo Joe’s.  We had to run some errands to replace Abby’s Halloween costume for work tomorrow, and while we were out and about I had the Tokyo Joe’s craving.  However, I decided to change things up on my order: BAD CALL.  I went with the steak instead of chicken…more expensive, less flavor.  Not a good trade off.

Dinner–Subway.  As annoying as the Five Dollar Footlong commercials are, its still a decent deal and we hadn’t taken advantage of it the entire month.  Footlong turkey on wheat with bacon, green pepper, cucumber, jalapeno, lettuce, and black pepper.  Good sandwich.

Dessert–We used our last gelato Groupon and I had Dulce de Leche (terrible), Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (eh), and Peanut Butter Chocolate (delicious!).  It was a good way to end the day.

Next weekend we head to Colorado Springs for a relaxing weekend at a B&B and then we start the countdown for our awesome Thanksgiving celebration!


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