Day 290–Roaring Fires and Snowy Hills

Lots of exciting goings-on here in Denver.  Yesterday we had 7 inches of snow in the city–I think up to a couple of feet in the mountains–and I had my first opportunity to substitute at Valor Christian School.  It’s always a good day when you wake up to a literal winter wonderland AND you make some money.  The colder weather has persisted through today so I decided to treat Abby to a little surprise when she got home with a fire in our fireplace!  Not going to lie…sitting in our apartment, listening to music, looking out the window at snow covered trees, and feeling the heat from a fire makes for an excellent Thursday.  It also makes me really excited about Thanksgiving and skiing in Keystone, but that’s gotta wait a month or so.

Last night we had the pleasure of introducing Abby’s fellow squinterns (name that show!) to Beau Jo’s pizza.  They were very impressed, and slightly peeved they hadn’t been there before. You snooze you lose.

As it stands right now in the Rangers game (3-3) I’m going to age 50 years and develop an ulcer before its over.  As long as its not another kidney stone, I think I’ll survive.

Breakfast–Chocolate Cheerios!  One more bowl…gotta save it for a special occasion.

Lunch–Ramen.  Yes, I had it on hand, but with the colder weather a nice spicy soup sounded delicious. And it was.  Oriental ramen with Sriracha, soy sauce, sliced mushrooms and a cran-raspberry sparkling water (thank you Jordan Swim) made for a great meal.

Snack–Apple with Nutella.  I had to pick up some things for dinner from the store, and Nutella was on sale…it happens. Twice.

Dinner–Roasted stuffed poblanos.  Some of the leftover meat from our empanadas the other day, brown rice, and cumin-scented black beans stuffed inside roasted poblanos.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Making a big batch of meat/onion/jalapeno the other day was a brilliant choice, even if I kind of did it on accident.  Go me!

Dessert–Apple with Nutella.  Told you it happened twice.

Go Rangers, and may all the cardiologists and GI docs in Dallas have a blessed business day tomorrow.


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