Day 288–Empanadas

Well, it took us 70 days (how Biblical of us) but we’ve finally hit the moment we’ve anticipated/dreaded: winter’s coming.  Within the next 24 hours there’s supposed to be 8 inches of snow in Denver, as much as a foot in the mountains and surrounding areas.  In other words, this is about to get real.  Luckily, I planned for a couple of meals over the weekend so I didn’t have to get out in the muck to try to make dinner.  Go me!

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios.  It’s funny…I just go through cycles where one thing sounds really good all the time.  Wafflewiches, Strawberry Fields, oatmeal, Cheerios…then one day I wake up and it just doesn’t have any appeal any more.  I guess that’s normal?

Lunch–Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich with an apple and some ice cream.  Again, something about cold weather makes ice cream more appealing to me. Don’t know why.  Lots of questions in tonight’s blog…

Dinner–Homemade empanadas! I must say, mine were way better than Mi Casa’s in Breckenridge.  I browned up some ground beef, added a diced onion and jalapeno, and packed it into simple pie crust.  They were AMAZING.  I made a dipping sauce of Asian sweet chili sauce mixed with a little lime juice for acid, put cilantro-lime rice on the side, and I was happy as can be.  I wish I had made more (only made twelve and they were two bites apiece, so there was heavy reliance on the side dishes) but I only have one sheet pan and it would have required using another package of pie crust and blah blah blah I was lazy so it didn’t happen.  Now I know.

After dinner we got caught up on Castle and Supernatural, and tomorrow there’s a relatively important baseball game.  I’m afraid its going to make me a very agitated person…might not watch too much of it if it’s close.  Shout out to my sister’s new cat Mr. Biggs…stop playing with scissors you dumb cat.


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