Day 286–Breckenridge

This week on our worldly travels of Colorado (Coloradoly travels?) we went to Breckenridge.  Breck holds a special place in our hearts because its the only ski resort Abby had been to before we got married, and I had an amazing trip with a boatload of my friends over Christmas break our freshman year of college.  However…all of those things happened at least 8 years ago, so it took a while for us to get our bearings.  Two things that hadn’t changed: delicious Mexican food (I know! Weird right?) and beautiful scenery.  It’s been fun as we go farther into Autumn to see how things have changed, from the leaves turning colors to a dusting of snow, temperatures dropping ever-so-slightly, days getting ever-so-shorter…its a magical place.  I would be happy here for a good long while.

Once again, for pictures, check out Abby’s blog at

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios before the car ride. Also the healthiest thing I ate today. By a LOT.

Lunch–One of my fondest memories from growing up is coming to Keystone with my family, both for skiing and in the summer.  We would ski/walk around, enjoy the scenery, go shopping for a bit…and head to Breckenridge for one night of incredible Mexican food.  Mexican food (or I suppose Tex-Mex) outside of Texas and the Southwest can be a bit dicey.  Sometimes its good (Rick Bayless, Bobby Flay) and sometimes its incredibly sketchy (the state of Virginia). Mi Casa in Breck definitely falls on the good side.  The salsas (yep, plural. Tomatillo, fresco, and spicy) were amazing, and for an appetizer we tried pork empanadas.  Never had an empanada before…these were a bit doughy and the mango salsa lacked acid like a boss, but they weren’t bad.  I also had a spicy mango pork burrito (spicy pork, rice, lettuce, pico de gallo) that had the same sauce on it, but I was smart enough to ask for a lime wedge to liven it up a bit.  Made a huge difference…we were completely stuffed. Amazing meal.

Snack–There’s a crepes cart in Breckenridge now. Who knew?!  So we had a turtle sundae crepe (chocolate, caramel, pecans, and vanilla ice cream on the side) and I splurged a bit with a IBC Cream Soda.  Abby had a pumpkin spice latte, so it wasn’t too bad.

Dinner–On Friday night I made stew using my mom’s fantastic recipe. Yesterday we ate some of it, and tonight we finished it off.  I love recipes and meals that get better and better the longer they meld and mix…and this is one of them.  One bowl of stew with top sirloin chunks, carrots, potatoes and diced onions.  Thanks mom.

Dessert–A cup or so of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.  I love Cherry Garcia, and we walked a LOT the last couple of days…so I indulged. It happens.

Sorry again for the absence of blogging.  The Rangers and other various sports atrocities (Manchester United…blech) have stolen my ability to think correctly.  Here’s to a great World Series, a Cowboys win, and a wonderful end to October.


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