Day 281–The Lazy Blogger

Sorry I’ve been slacking off so much recently.  I don’t think about blogging until the end of the day, like today, and because I’m an hour behind everyone else by the time I post here its like 10:30 or 11 at night and no one reads it and then it gets lost in the shuffle of tweets and Facebook timelines and blah blah blah…I’m doing it tonight because I feel bad.  Tomorrow (and hopefully beyond) I’ll be better about getting it done early. Besides, you’re supposed to eat earlier in the day and maybe that’ll help motivate me, too.

Breakfast–Pumpkin chocolate chip bread.  It’s almost gone…sad days.

Lunch–Big lunch, because I went on a longish walk afterwards.  Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich (using the heels of the bread loaf…I’m being economical) along with a Honeycrisp apple and some Oreos.  The Oreos were admittedly not a smart purchase, but Abby loves them. As do I.

Exercise–3.2 mile walk.  Fall in Colorado is AMAZING.  I kept wandering off the trail to take pictures of all the colors on the trees…beautiful.  And Matt Chandler is ridiculous…his sermons make those walks seem too short.  I might have to go for two tomorrow.

Dinner–Chicken and apple sausage, new potatoes, and onions all roasted together.  I had a small side salad with mine.  It was really REALLY good!  I parboiled the potatoes and onions in a stock/cayenne/ancho/garlic cooking liquid, then roasted them all to caramelized goodness.

Dessert–Ice cream. It was on sale at King Soopers (Colorado’s version of Krogers) and something about cold weather–we’re on a freeze advisory! Yay!–makes me want ice cream. Go figure.

So it wasn’t the healthiest day, but warm comfort food was necessary for the weather.  Tomorrow shall be better…I’m on my own all day. And oh yeah…



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