Day 278–Red Rocks

In the ongoing travels we take every weekend, this time we decided to keep it a little closer to home.  About twenty minutes from our apartment is Morrison, Colorado and, more importantly, Red Rocks Amphitheater.  It’s a massive park (something I didn’t know) with lots of trails and some incredible scenery (for pictures, check out Abby’s blog) but the real reason I wanted to go this weekend is that it’s the site of one of my favorite Dave Matthews’ live albums.  We plan on going back and hiking around when it gets a bit cooler–it was around 85 today–but it was a beautiful way to start the day.

After Red Rocks, we went to Idaho Springs to eat at Beau Jo’s.  Yes, there is a Beau Jo’s closer to our apartment, but this is the first one I ever had the pleasure of dining at, its the first one Abby ever ate at, AND its the one we went to on our honeymoon.  Unfortunately, the ice cream shop we also enjoyed on our honeymoon had gone under, so we saved ourselves some calories and just came home.  We checked out one of the antique shops in downtown and got Abby a hand-painted thimble, then came home to watch the Horns (eh) and the Rangers (so far, so GREAT).  Solid day, even though the eating is a little bit funny…and I keep getting food updates from my parents, who are in Maui, and it makes me hungry and jealous.  Love hearing about the trip though–Maui is a special place.

In other exciting news since my last post, we went to the David Crowder concert last night and it was INCREDIBLE.  Gungor absolutely rocked my face off and Crowder looked like he was having a blast, which always makes the concerts more fun.  Long show though…I’m getting old.  Also, my sister Jenna got a new cat, which hasn’t been named yet, but if you know her tell her to name him Nigel.  It’s gonna happen.

Breakfast–Pumpkin-chocolate chip bread.  Delicious. Its actually so good I can’t believe it came from a box, although I added eggs, oil, water, chocolate chips, and pumpkin to it so really its just a dry mix.  That’s not that shocking.

Lunch–Pacific Plantation pizza at Beau Jo’s and a plate of salad.  The pizza had smoked ham, red onion, green pepper, pineapple (don’t hate), pepperoni, Rocky Mountain honey and smoked mozzarella.  The salad was greens, mushrooms, some bacon crumbles, sunflower seeds, cucumber, and green pepper (no dressing) with a couple of crackers.  Wonderful.

Dinner–No dinner…not hungry, which is shocking after how little I ate for lunch (sarcasm! yay!).  I might eat an apple with some Nutella later.

So there you go…glad we could catch up like this.  And remember–vote Nigel.


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