Day 274–Day Off

Today I got a wonderful surprise…Abby got the afternoon off!  Granted, we spent that free time running errands and Abby took a nap, but its still better when she’s here.

We’re also watching the Rangers game, and I have a terrible feeling about this one…Michael Y0ung (regardless of what happens from this moment forward) has been horrendous and the rest of our lineup isn’t picking up the slack this time. I know things can change quickly–like Nellie Cruz going nuts–but it just feels…off. Hope I’m wrong. *Edit–As I’m typing this, Detroit hits another homer. Mmhmm.

Breakfast–Multigrain Cheerios. On to the next box of healthy goodness.

Lunch–Omelette with some leftovers.  Asparagus, zucchini, potato, taco meat, and two eggs.  Deliciousness.

Dinner–Roasted pork tenderloin, roasted green beans with garlic and orange zest, and couscous made with orange juice and chicken broth.  A fantastic meal, and it helped clear out some more leftovers! Economical + tasty = happy food times.

Dessert–Probably some chocolate of some sort…I’m on a huge chocolate kick.

Short post…not much to talk about.  I did finish the Mistborn series, and it was really good.  Fantastic story, but the writing left something to be desired; stunted vocabulary and a case of the Melvilles where Sanderson described everything in unnecessary detail over and over again, then crammed the plot into the last 5 pages. I really enjoyed the books though, and the fact that a new one comes out in a month makes me very pleased.  Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson…do it, if you’re into that stuff.


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