Day 272–Boulder

Or Bouldah, if you’re from Boston.

This morning we got up, got ready, and got our tails to Boulder, Colorado–home of Colorado University and one of the better people watching sites in the world.  Seriously, Boulder=bizarre.  It is a beautiful place however, and we enjoyed one of the local sights by making the drive up to Boulder Falls.  It’s a brief (like, 30 yards) hike off the highway, but it was a really cool place with a gorgeous waterfall in the middle of the canyon.  Here’s some photographic evidence:

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios before the journey.

Lunch–Boulder Organic Pizzeria.  Just like I can’t really remember life before cell phones (except fairly vivid memories of getting in trouble for not calling my parents from friends’ houses when I arrived) or the internet, I’m not entirely sure how I functioned in society before Groupon and Living Social.  When we decided to go to Boulder, I pulled up Living Social, found a deal for a pizza place, and BOOM–discounted delicious food.  We had the Rome Plow pizza: proscuitto, Italian ham, finocchiona, and roasted peppers.  It was marvelous, except all of the pork products coupled with some shaved parmigiano reggiano left a very VERY salty aftertaste.  Thankfully, they had some Boylan’s Natural Soda on tap, so I was able to wash it all down with a very VERY sweet Black Cherry soda. Oh, and ice cream.  It was fantastic, and the entire bill came out to $1.58 (pre-tip of course…I didn’t shortchange her) which is quite a steal.

Dinner–All you can eat sushi!  We also had plans for dinner with Rachel and her boyfriend Marc (it was a full day!) so we had to plan our meals accordingly so we didn’t A) spend too much money or B) eat the same thing for two meals.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what all I ate, except that there was some rice and pickled ginger and fish. And it was amazing. And NOT $1.58.

So there you go…another solid weekend in the books.  Next weekend will include David Crowder, Red Rocks, and the return of Cowboys football.  I have to admit, between the Rangers winning, the Giants, Eagles, and Texans losing, and the debut of Tim Tebow this season, it was a good sports weekend.  I’m glad the Longhorns and Cowboys didn’t play so they couldn’t screw it up. (What’s that? UT played? NOT FROM WHAT I SAW.)

Oh…and it snowed in parts of Denver, dropped below freezing, and dusted the mountains with beautiful powder. I love winter.


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