Day 268–Mistborn

So during our Sunday Skype session (Or sesh if you’re cool. Which I am not.) with the Toys and St. Germains I requested some more reading material from Casey, my resident book aficionado. She suggested The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, and as luck would have it, Amazon had it on sale for 3 dollars in the Kindle store.  I bought it Monday afternoon, started reading Monday night, and finished it last night…at THREE IN THE MORNING.  It was a fantastic book, but it was 538 pages long and once I got to the last quarter of it I just couldn’t stop.  Totally worth it, except I (of course) slept in and was awoken by an appraisal crew coming to look at our apartment knocking on the door.  Most of the noise that occurs in our apartment comes from either the TV, the kitchen, or our ridiculous neighbors.  Since Abby was gone (so the TV wasn’t on) and I was in bed (so I wasn’t banging around in the kitchen) I just assumed the banging noise was coming from the yahoos upstairs.  Thankfully, I pierced the fog long enough to realize someone was about to come into the apartment and was presentable for the 2 minutes they were in here. Weird way to start the day.  Oh, and I’m already 186 pages into the second book in the trilogy. I read fast.

Breakfast–Chorizo and potato breakfast tacos, two of them.  I made pasta with chorizo yesterday and had about 6 oz leftover, so I browned it up and combined it with some potato, caramelized onion, and egg.  I obviously didn’t eat all of it, so I’ve got a good mixture to use over the next couple of days in omelettes and more tacos.

Lunch–Because my day got off to such a late start, lunch was more snacking before I went on a walk.  I had some grapes and a KIND bar.

Exercise–Since the weather was beautiful, I went for a leisurely stroll listening to Matt Chandler and admiring the beautiful scenery. I went for about an hour, burning somewhere around 500 calories. Good way to counteract the chorizo from the morning.

Dinner–Chipotle!  A burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, barbacoa, lettuce, corn salsa, and hot salsa.  We ate outside and watched the sunset/the incredible clouds rolling in.  Have I mentioned I love it here?

No dessert…no really good options in the apartment short of eating a spoonful of Nutella, and that seems like a bad idea. So I won’t.

Perhaps I’ll go to bed at a decent hour tonight…assuming I don’t start reading again. I’m going to turn myself nocturnal if I’m not careful!


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