Day 266–NA-PO-LI!

Last Friday morning my dad asked me what I thought about the baseball playoffs, as in who was going to be in the World Series. My response was “Um…ask me in a week.” The weird thing about how the ALDS played out is that if you told me any of the four teams had made it to the World Series, I wouldn’t be shocked. Detroit has the arms, New York has the power, Texas has the balance, and Tampa Bay had the momentum and apparently Lady Luck on retainer. It is with great relief that Texas has taken a 2-1 lead in their ALDS matchup, because while this series is far from over (Matt Harrison gets a lot of love in this household, but until he closes this thing out I’m still worried) I feel much better with a lead than a hole to climb out of in Tampa. Go Rangers, and Mike Napoli is the bomb. Best. Trade. Ever.

Breakfast–Yeah, so I didn’t really eat breakfast.  I had some horrendous allergies last night so I took some Claritin, and then I was worried it would keep me up so I took Nyquil too.  Big mistake.  I overslept by a lot and then couldn’t break through the fog for a while even after I was awake. Not cool.

Lunch–Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with grapes. Like I’m a little kid.

Snack–Cinnamon raisin bagel thin with Nutella. Delicious.

Dinner–Mango-jalapeno chicken sausage with whole wheat tortillas and sweet-spicy broccoli slaw. I really liked it, but I burned Abby out with a little too much heat. Oh well…not bad overall.  And I ate waaaaaay too much so there wasn’t a temptation to eat dessert.

Tomorrow I get oriented and we hit a little chorizo magic. Get pumped.


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