Day 265–Tony Romo

I think while writing this the Lions got another interception.  Someone keep Tony away from the pigskin for a while.

This morning we went and saw 50/50, a movie that has personal meaning for me since I’ve had family members fight cancer.  I have to say, even with the inclusion of Seth Rogen (who was…tolerable), it was a really good movie.  I laughed a lot (potentially more than I should have…Abby and I were often laughing while no one else was) and Abby cried a bit (I fought the tears) but most of all it felt real.  It didn’t sugarcoat things, there wasn’t a perfect protagonist–“based on a true story” really shone through.  Recommended for those who are interested and don’t mind some profanity.

We also had the wonderful opportunity to Skype with the Toys and St. Germains tonight, which was amazing!  We miss our friends a lot, and its incredible how much Julia has grown in the six weeks we’ve been gone.  She’s crawling around, standing up, and “talking” loudly…by the time we finally get back down there to see everyone she’s going to be saying real words and potentially running around.  It was very surreal to see the four of them getting ready for dinner on a Sunday night and not being involved…they’re important people in our lives and I’m not sure we realized the enormity of the hole they’re absence has left in our lives until faced with it.  We’ll be back to see them soon!

Breakfast–Honey Nut Cheerios before the movie. Good way to start the day.

Lunch–Salad greens with Spicy Thai Chili tuna.  It was good and filling…lots of protein, lots of fiber.

Snack–Ice cream sandwich.  Probably unnecessary but I wanted something sweet. Oh well.

Dinner–Panera.  I had the half and half with a turkey sandwich (turkey, cucumber, lettuce, and onion) and the Asian Sesame salad or whatever its called at Panera with a piece of baguette and a chocolate croissant for dessert.  The dessert was only 99 cents, so it was a good deal. And the view was of the Rockies as a storm was rolling in, bathing the peaks in this ethereal light from behind a massive thunderhead. Not a bad dinner theater.

This week is orientation at Valor and hopefully the beginning of fall down here in Denver. And go see 50/50!


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