Day 263–What Store Doesn’t Sell Pumpkin?!

So I went shopping for groceries today to make Pumpkin chili for dinner. Yes, its pumpkin chili. Chili with pumpkin in it. Get over it…I’ll explain later. The really bizarre thing is that our local Safeway doesn’t have any pumpkin in stock.  I know that’s a seasonal item, for the holidays or whatnot, but come on…throwing a “Coming Soon!” sign up and acting like its completely normal is just wrong. I’m pretty sure they even have pumpkin year-round in Abilene.  This needs to be fixed quickly, because once the temperature gauge consistently goes below 60 I’m going to be making pumpkin everything. Get on it Safeway of Littleton.

Breakfast–Baked oatmeal.  The raspberries add a good tartness that the blueberries weren’t capable of delivering by themselves.  That must be why the original recipe calls for mixed berries…but Abby doesn’t eat strawberries, so I add to improvise.

Bonus Information–The punctuation mark ?! or !? is called an interrobang. Boom.

Lunch–Omelette with sausage, red onion, jalapeno, potato and three eggs. Extremely filling, and quite delicious.

Snack–A Baby Ruth. I know candy is bad for me, but they were half off at Safeway. And I do love me a Baby Ruth.

Dinner–Pumpkin chili.  A pound of ground beef, sauteed with garlic and yellow onion, then simmered together with crushed tomatoes, a chopped jalapeno or two (I did one because Abby hates spice, two would have been better), a can of pumpkin, and some cinnamon and chili powder.  It’s funny because the entire massive pot of chili had one tiny teaspoon of cinnamon, and yet that’s the pervasive smell of the chili, and it has a jalapeno and I put a tablespoon and a half of chili powder and there was hardly any spice.  The pumpkin added a savory richness to the chili…really good.  And there’s going to be close to three extra meals out of the whole thing. Not a bad deal.

Dessert–This was completely unnecessary, but Abby had a rough week and it was on sale and one thing led to another…chocolate gelato.  On top of that I made a banana caramel with some leftover bananas Abby had laying around.  It was AMAZING…and over the top. Can’t do that every night…or even every month. But not a bad way to end the week.

Interrobang. Seriously.


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