Day 262–There is a Light That Never Goes Out

This morning at 8 am CDT, Sunday Ibok went to be with our Maker. Again, while I didn’t know Sunday personally, he was a huge figure on campus at ACU during my time there and the outpouring of love, sadness, prayer, and remembrance of a life well-lived has been overwhelming. I would find myself checking Facebook for updates and being captivated by the comments made by others–some who have known Sunday seemingly forever and others who were briefly touched by his indefatigable spirit.  It is a true testament to a man’s life that in passing there is great remorse that others will not get to experience his friendship, and I consider myself one of those who missed out.  As his last tweet said, Sunday was “Faithful” to his family, his friends, and most importantly his God.  While Sunday may be gone from this world, memories of his life and lessons he taught will live on.  I was blessed to be able to pray alongside brothers and sisters who showed the true measure of Sunday by his love, and it is an experience I will never forget.

Breakfast–Cornbread muffins with a little cherry preserves. Good breakfast!

Exercise–I took about an hour walk around the trails today because the weather magically dipped into the 60’s. Between the experiences with Sunday, the beauty of the nature surrounding me, and a great conversation with my mom, God’s presence was incredibly strong today–a blessing for which I’m very grateful.

Lunch–Turkey club sandwich with some grapes and spice-rubbed bbq chips.  Great sandwich, and because I worked out a bit I was actually able to eat two to reload on protein without throwing my day off.

Dinner–Arby’s roast chicken club, no sauce and no cheese with only half the bun and a side salad.  Overall about 400 calories for the whole meal.  Delicious.

Dessert–A piece of my new batch of baked oatmeal, this time with raspberries AND blueberries!

Here’s to the weekend, and to a God who is with us in times of happiness and sadness. He is good.


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