Day 258–Clogged

We don’t have the most respectful of neighbors. The ones upstairs find it amusing to smoke, curse, hack up lungs (presumably related to the smoking. I think I learned that once) and play music at obnoxious decibel levels. Next to us, we have two little yipping dogs that bark at odd hours of the night and apparently bother everyone but the owners.  Generally, if I can get to sleep these intrusions don’t bother me too much, unless there are other insidious forces working against my peaceful slumber. Unfortunately, that was the case last night.  We’ve had an upswing in the temperature gauge up here, and it went from the mid 60’s to the mid 80’s in the span of one day. (Note to all Texans: I know this isn’t hot. Not complaining about the heat. Complaining about the allergies that received a jump-start due to the heat.) Something hit the air last night while we were having dinner and I haven’t been able to breathe correctly since then. So when I’m already stopped up, getting my REM disturbed by a psychotic dog means I get up much earlier than desired, and then the noise upstairs kept me awake and out of healing sleep.  Long story short: I feel like I’ve been run over by something that was kind enough to turn around and shove gunk in my sinuses.

Breakfast–Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.  Might be the best set of cereals ever, unless you count all the different sets of marshmallows in Lucky Charms as different cereals. Then that wins.

Lunch–Leftover Tokyo Joe’s with some sweet potato chips. Not bad, and the price wasn’t anything to sneeze at either.

Snack–An orange and part of a Mars bar. Question: how is a Mars bar any different than a Milky Way? Chocolate, caramel, and chocolate nougat…the main ingredients in a Milky Way. AND a Mars bar. I don’t understand.

Dinner–Buffalo flank steak marinaded with a barbecue dry rub, roasted potatoes, and barbecue beans. Flank steak has often been an Achilles’ heel of mine, on account of the fact I haven’t had a real grill to use, but tonight’s was really good and cooked perfectly. Who knows…maybe I’m learning!

Dessert–Some of the chocolate drops from yesterday’s excursion.

I’m bummed we didn’t get to go on a long walk, but going outside wasn’t much of an option for me today.  Here’s to feeling better…and to the Buffalo Bills, New York Giants, and Oklahoma State Cowboys. You do me proud boys.


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