Day 257–Downtown Littleton

Today was EPIC.  We slept in (always nice) and then after watching Man U sleepwalk for 90 minutes (we woke up, then didn’t) we took a little trip to downtown Littleton, a mere 5 minutes from our apartment.  When we moved in, we had some complaints about the fact that our bathroom is smaller than Abby’s car and our appliances are literally older than Abby is, but the location and the views are AMAZING.  We’re incredibly close to everything, including about twenty minutes from downtown Denver. In traffic. It’s great.  So since we’re so close to downtown Littleton but had only been to dinner once, we decided to walk around and check out the shops.  They had a bunch of candy shops (dangerous…but delicious), some specialty spice shops (I got candied ginger for pumpkin muffins and some dutch-processed cocoa that looks incredible), and a ton of antique shops that we wandered in and out of for a good long while. It’s a really neat place…I’m sure we’ll go back soon!

Breakfast–Baked oatmeal. Tried it heated up today, and it was just as good, if not better. And we still have some leftover for tomorrow! Great deal.

Lunch–I had a bacon burger and a salad at the Old Mill Brewery while watching the FSU-Clemson debacle. I’m a Tajh Boyd believer, but I’m still a Noles fan at heart. It was too bad.

Snack–One of the chocolate shops we stopped at had some dark chocolate-cayenne drops…they are amazing. I bought some, but I tried two or three of them at the store. That was enough for me to be full, and completely hooked.

Dinner–Tokyo Joe’s!  I had a brown rice bowl with white chicken, spicy-aki sauce (yes…its called spicy-aki. If it wasn’t delicious, I wouldn’t tolerate it) and broccoli, edamame, snap peas, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots. Also, because its Saturday we tried a spicy California roll as an appetizer.  After developing a taste for sushi in Houston, its kind of weird that Denver is such a huge mecca for sushi. Who’d have thought?

Dessert–I also got a piece of fudge at a different chocolate shop…I wanted ice cream, but they were out. Sadness.  The fudge was a great alternative though, even if it wasn’t healthy.

So I’m sure my calorie intake for the day was horrid, but we walked a bit and had a blast, so it evened out somewhat in my mind. Tomorrow we can go for a real exercise walk, because since Texas has a bye week and Dallas plays on Monday, there isn’t a single football game all weekend that I really care about. Kinda nice.



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