Day 256–Supernatural!

I miss my DVR. Badly. There are lots of non-network shows that we keep up with, not the least of which involve my love of cartoons. Yes, I’m 26 and I love cartoons. So what. Because I haven’t been able to record them, its always a guessing game as to when shows start and a huge stroke of luck when I randomly stumble upon them.  So imagine my glee when I was changing channels, trying to waste time for the premiere of Supernatural (HECK YEAH!) and I found new Batman episodes. Thats right…I spent my Friday night watching Batman and Young Justice.  Totally worth it. And now we get to end it with Supernatural, which has been sorely missed in the Henderson household.

Breakfast–The baked oatmeal was amazing. Healthy, easy to make, and fairly cheap since the ingredients can be used at least twice. Food for multiple days, and its delicious to boot. Holla.

Lunch–Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on whole wheat, along with spice-rubbed barbecue chips.

Dinner–Homemade stir-fry with everything we had in the fridge. Chicken, green beans, poblano pepper, red onion, and a potato on brown rice with a sauce of soy, sriracha, and teriyaki with a dash of honey.  It was really REALLY good. Might have to add that to the repertoire.

Dessert–Another ice cream sandwich. Probably shouldn’t have, but my sweet tooth is rampant recently.

This weekend we’ll tour downtown Littleton and check out some of the shops and restaurants, and potentially take another trip into the mountains. I love weekends!


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