Day 255–Baked Oatmeal

I made my first baked item from scratch while in Colorado today. I know, I know, I should be apologizing for not blogging for the last four days, but honestly I’ve been a little sick and we went to another Rockies game and things just got in the way. Wasn’t a priority. It happens. So back to the baking…I got a great recipe in the weekly Whole Foods email for baked oatmeal. I didn’t know you could bake oatmeal, so that was kind of a shock to me. Anyways, its apple-blueberry baked oatmeal. No clue if its any good, but it looks and smells delicious. I’ll report back tomorrow when we have it for breakfast. So there’s your hook…sorry I abandoned you, come back tomorrow and check on the baked goodness.

Breakfast–I couldn’t get to sleep last night due to some internal issues (Abby thinks its pancreatitis…I think she’s read too many medical books. And I REALLY hope she’s wrong) so I slept late even though it only amounted to 6 hours of sleep.  So when I finally got up, I had some Honey Nut Cheerios. At the store today I spiced things up by grabbing Apple Cinnamon Cheerios and Multigrain Cheerios. Should keep me covered for a while.

Lunch–Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread with some Tostitos Artisan Chipotle chips.

Exercise–Another good thing about today is that Abby got home ridiculously early.  She was home at 2:30. 2:30!  That means we had time to go on a nice long walk while it was still light outside. A good 2-mile jaunt to get the blood flowing.

Dinner–Jambalaya with pinto beans and chicken-apple sausage.  It was wonderful!  It’s a cheap option for dinner, and Abby recommends it all the time, but every time she asks for jambalaya its delicious. She’s the dinner whisperer.

Dessert–Ice cream sandwich. I also bought more of those at the store.  Compromises…life is full of compromises.

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